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a voter

Susie byrd will be Lina's staffer or gopher. Lina really rode her when she was running for office. don't think Susie has too much love for Lina when she saw Lina's true colors. Marisa Marquez, I am sure has better things to do than run against Tolbert.


Marquez is a has been. Yawn.

Max Powers


I agree.




Which one is the pan-sexual?

Max Powers






I hope she does run, Tolbert is an asshole to work with. He treats staff terribly.

abandon hope

Marquez would be a great addition to Council. She could do that job with one hand tied behind her back. Maybe she likes politics but doesn't like jetting back and forth to Austin. Maybe she really wants to keep her hand in the game and have a family too. I for one really hope this is true. Tolbert does not represent District 2 well. He has a personal agenda and is difficult to deal with.

And let me add that Tolbert won the D2 seat through lies, deceit and character assassination. He's already thrown two of the things he said he stood for (fiscal responsibility, historic preservation) under the bus.

Miss Marquez

I wish she had never quit politics. I liked her no nonsense demeanor. Wherever she goes she will be a great addition.

Mr. Ramirez

Lina is going to be horrible. All she shows up for is Jose's stupid press conferences to announce a new emoji on his facebook. She is never in the community. Bring Marissa back!

Juana 2

I will vote for Godzilla if he runs against Tolbert.

David Sanchez

Juana2, agreed! Tolbert is a horrible, mean person. No wonder he and Limon are BFFs.

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