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Lion Fraud

Bottom line is Blanco is a puss.


Loved the video of O'Rourke speaking to any empty chamber about the value of the dreamers. Of course he is not trying to convince anyone in Washington. The speech is purely for garnering favor with the Hispanics back home.

The Raging Chihuahua

Can anyone explain the "logic" behind Mexicans spending more time bitching about Trump than they do there own bloated, corrupt government that gave them a lousy existence in the first place?

Beto Jr.

Have been wondering for years why the Mexicans don't revolt. Their government is designed for enriching the wealthy and dumping on the poor. The Mexican government fought against US corporations who wanted to pay maquila workers more because their own industrialists wanted to keep wages low. Hey, why have any kind of a safety net for your people when you can just send them across the border?

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