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Muerta de hambre (aka Jaime Abeytia)

Nobody cares about Commissioner's Court. Stick to killing algae at Ascarate and leave the fine dining to those who can afford it. Oh wait, you all gave yourselfs a $30,000 raise, my bad. When are you taking me out for a steak?

Abel Montes

There is an exception for ceremonial gatherings. That is why they, along with municipal and school board members are allowed to gather for events.


The only info we have on the entire Commissioners Court being invited is from Jim Tolbert's email. Given Tolbert's history of prevaricating, exaggerating and generally throwing his ever increasing weight around, I would tend to believe that it isn't true.

But wait...isn't there a rule that public servants can't accept a gift valued at more than $20? I bet Escobar limited herself to a salad. And if anyone took a doggie bag home, could you please pass it on to poor Jim?

Max Powers


A ceremonial gathering is usually an open to public event. This was not.




Or, at least the event wasn't open to Tolbert.

Abel Montes

No. They are often invitation-only. Aren't you a former legislative page? You should know that.

Max Powers


Was a quorum present?

Why so defensive?



Real voter

But Max they just got a big fat undeserved Raise. Escobar was crying that she deserved it. Get ready El Paso to vote those suckers out...

Harley Davidson

Abel is just mad that you have more years on him hearing Norma's thigh burn holes into her biker chaps.

Not Blind


I'm not sure that the opening of a restaurant (i.e. a private enterprise) would qualify as a "ceremonial event" - otherwise what's to stop the County Commissioners or City Council from accepting plane tickets to fly off to Dallas for the ceremonial kicking of the pigskin to inaugurate the start of next year's football season at the hallowed grounds of AT&T Stadium?

Attending the opening of Ruth's Chris doesn't seem like it would be in keeping with the spirit of the open meetings law and it would seem trivial to use that as a way of getting around it: "Oh this isn't a meeting it's our Thursday Night Football anger management graduation ceremony"

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