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The founders trusted the American people. The Democrats don't which is why they want open borders to flood us with foreigners who will do what they want.

a voter

I hope veronica runs for congress or anywhere out of El Paso. but No. she wants to control Lina, Moody, Susy byrd, & of course Bob(worthless) Moore, & the Lying Star Blog.


I don't want her anywhere. She hates Republicans, Conservatives, or anyone who isn't a progressive democrat. She actively works to undermine them. All she wants to do is raise taxes so she can spend freely while making fun of poor people.

El Paso insanity

She has "represented" El Paso to the world. Remember the Nov 2009 Playboy article. She stated that chicos Tacos is popular because of the "guvmint cheese".

If that wasn't enough she and her side kick provided a tour of El Paso brothels with detailed information of each place.
Again if that wasn't enough she testifies before the US Senate and boldly reminds Senator McCain that she is a "county judge" ! That made for a good laugh and protrayed El Paso as being hickist. Let's not forget at the number of times she has stated that hospital is doing great, then within 3 days there is a report that the hospital is failing and needs more money. She then agrees that another 40 million will fix the problems. This was supposed to be free of any cost to taxpayers.

But as usual there will be a stampede by the idiots to vote for her.

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