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Westsiders will also pay more than most. They tout bond on average home value for entire El Paso. But the average home in Westside is near 200k. Many worth over 200k, thus westsiders will pay more for this bond.

Max Powers


So is that a "Hell, yeah!" or "Hell, no!"?




hella no


No one can answer what will be done with the money and how it directly impacts my Hilda education. What does a school bus have to do with the quality of education. They should hire better qualified teachers.


Hoping the bond issue fails ....
Any increase in taxes is one too many for me. I've read their plans and they sound good on paper but I don't think new, shiny buildings will do one iota to make a better school system.

District 2 Voter

We all know that El Paso will vote overwhelmingly for Hillary. So, will Hillary voters want higher school taxes? Hillary voters want the free stuff she's promising. I'm betting the bond issue goes down.


max, didnt you leave out franklin's football stadium ? have to have that so canutillo kids can come on over to episd.


Juan Cabrera and Dori Fenenbock have handled this entire bond election poorly. What kind of leaders keep pointing to a group of 80 people and put it all on them? We elected you to be smart with our tax money, pointing to a group of 80 hacks does not make me feel better about this bond. You both have no backbone. SMH


I've gotten 3 mailers from EPISD's PAC that is promoting the bonds. They are all misleading. They appeal to the ignorant voter and the least affluent. It is a "pobrecita" type campaign. I hate it.

Dori the drama queen

Juana, I got the same mailers. They are very dishonest. It looks like a 5th grader did them. Those pics were a google search of some 3rd world country. How insulting. My daughter doesn't go to school at a hole in the wall.

missing the max

dear Max where art thou?

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