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Well said, the Times ran off the most effective rep we have had in decades. Shame on them!!!

Uh err uh eh uh

So where are they getting the speed bumps from? Let me guess they're going to use the ones that are in Susie's speech? Uh uh uh uh. I can't believe she was a spokesperson here at the Children's hospital until they fired her ass...


Uh err...that was a good one. I never understood what she said on council. I guess when she's lying she is stutters...

Jerry  K

Really, the whole city now is one big speed bump.

Cheap sobs

The only speed bumps that slow down speeders are the permanent cement. They higher and last longer.

The rubberized garbage has speeders giggling as they continue speeding and they require repairs. For motorcycles, well they're worse as they speed thru the middle. Then you hear the clacking all day and night.

It is pure nonsense that emergency vehicles are inhibited by the higher speed bumps. They go the speed limit anyway.

The city is providing a cheap and pacifying solution.


I hate speed bumps. Car repair shops love them.

The rubberized speed bumps are positioned so that fire trucks (and probably ambulances) can pass through with the speed bump between their tires.

Jim Tolbert is worthless.

David Sanchez

Cheap sobs, they said this was a temporary solution. And I have driven over those speed humps. You cannot speed over them unless you want to damage your car.

Max, you missed the better item. Was all media asleep? It was at the very end of the meeting.

Discussion and action regarding the award of Solicitation 2013-1036 Paving Unpaved Rights-Of-Way (paving alleys) approved by Council on September 6, 2016 and a request to swap out a designated alley for paving the alley at 3300 Fort Blvd. District 2 Representative Jim Tolbert, (915) 212-1006

If you watch the video, you will see Niland and Limon in shock after they realize they approved paving an alley that was not on the original list. You know, the exact same thing Tolbert went after Romero on???? He is the biggest and creepiest hypocrite!

Do an open records on his email to city staff. You will find he is extremely rude and demanding to staff when, according to the city charter, he has no business giving them direction at all. I hear they are all lighting candles and praying that he does not win re-election. He is worse than Acosta and she is HORRID!

Clueless Cheap sobs

David, the f150s, jeeps and SUVs fly thru those barriers like nothing. Motorcycles, forget it.

Those temp bumps will be there till the end of time. Obviously the city has a different define off temp. IF, they're temp, what will be used then ?

As for emergency vehicles, they slow down anyway so their vehicles have a very slight bounce.

This temp solution will be a cheap permanent solution. We have plazas, trolleys and Mexican museums to build. To heck, the priority projects like bomb crater streets and other infrastructure repairs. Oh yeah, the safest city in the US although it is 37 on the list of safest cities, regardless of size, population, number of police officers or other criteria the city uses. We now have surveillance cameras to monitor tourists.


Never heard of that fucker.

District 2 Voter

Max, you and DK love taking up for sleezy Romero but at least you are not in Tolbert's pocket like DK. D Sanchez is right. Tolbert is creepy.

Arlene Taute

District 2 Voter, "Sleazy Romero"? Then what the hell do you call Tolbert???? Not only sleazy, but creepy and extremely rude.

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