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LSB connected the dots first. Question is will this hurt the bond efforts? Will average voters care that the companies that will lay the cement, build the schools and develop the real estate are the only ones that really want this to pass? Guess there is no community support, not even an attempt, to garner the $10-$50 donations that keep many of our local elected class rolling. Friends in high places squared.

Max Powers


Jaime did not connect any dots. It has long been known that is Republican money that finances El Paso Democrats.

What's funny is Apodaca, who is a hardcore Democrat, is doing this.

Isn't Michael Apodaca a friend of Jaime's? Shouldn't Jaime be glad that his friend has this gig instead of him shitting on him for doing it?

Also, Jaime helped push the YISD bond efforts.

How is what YISD pushed any different from this? That bond election also got money from construction companies and Woody Hunt. It would have gotten more money if it had a "West Side".

And don't forget.

The YISD bond did not have "community support" the first time.

And the second time? Well, it has been alleged by some parents at YISD that funny business took place to pass it.



Hard working El Pasoan

I'm a small local contractor that has done some work for the county and school district. I am disgusted with all the money going to San Antonio on this report. What a slap in the face to all the printers and sign makers here in El Paso. You want me to vote for the white girls Dori and Susie to ship my tax dollars out of my community? No thanks. I will be voting no after seeing this very demeaning report even if it does cost me a contract if it doesn't get passed. What a blow.

Oh Really

There are local contractors on the report. You should read it first before commenting. Apodaca and the "campaign manager" are also both local, so there you go. Sign makers? Really? Thats the type of thinking that keeps us in the "pobrecito" mindset. Who cares. In the end no one really gives a damn other than a few parents, teachers and the businesses that stand to make money off the deal.

Hard working El Pasoan

Oh really, I stand corrected. The $11,000 Michael and Desi are making is comparable to the $87,000 sent to San Antonio and Oakland. Oh wait I'm sorry the $11,061-I forgot they paid the Electric company for electricity. Thank you for correcting the record.

Oh Really

Glad you can stand. Plus you still have it wrong. There was over $4,000 spent here locally on insurance, wireless phones, and printing. R-E-A-D, breathe, repeat, post.

Anyways, does it really matter where the money is "sent"? It's not public money, its private. They can hire and pay whoever and whatever amount they want. Zero issue and zero problem.

Anyways, whenever local people are used everyone cries "foul" or claims corruption or nepotism.

Hard working El Pasoan

Ok ok $15,000 vs. $87,000. The gap is closing!! Oh really you so smart!!!


Oh really, private or public money it matters. This is a sign that our tax dollars will go to support another community and employ others outside of El Paso. It's a concern.


Oh really called Hard working El Pasoan a dumb Mexican. I wonder if Susie, I mean err Oh Really, will be passing out government cheese at the election party.

A real home

Que dice el Pulitzer Prize journalist Jaime? Pinchi pendejo. Ese vato se mete mucho con las viejas. No es hombre.


Jaime is currently creating a video of how he fooled you.

Bernie for life

Is Apodaca double dipping on school bond campaign finance? Marquis Wireless is getting paid upwards of $700. That's his mommy's business. Someone should check the El Paso Democratic Party's finances too. That sounds extremely unethical and is a real crisis of confidence since he has his paws all over the Dem finances.

Jays Garage

Its funny how most of the money for the bond is coming from people who support charter schools and sit on boards that support charter schools, yet the board and superintendent all swear up and down that there will never, ever support charter schools in the district. Why take the money? Something doesn't add up.

Abel Montes

And charter schools are supported by Woody Hunt.

Max loves Woody Hunt and the bond.

Max Powers


If I support charter schools, why would I support the bond?

And I don't give a shit about Woody.


Precinct chair

He should have done the work for free or in a volunteer basis. He has consistently helped candidates try to take out those funded by Republican donors. I guess it's ok when he does it. This should change the conversation quite a bit when they're chanting at Demo meetings to take out DINOs and "never sell out". He just destroyed his credibility. Sad.

Jerry K

The EPISD board could easily increase the citizen confidence level in their management of the bond issue by simply passing a resolution that says contributors to the PAC are not eligible to bid on bond projects.

I might even vote for it then.

Max Powers


Construction bids are small potatoes.

The money is in the real estate, and real estate in-and-around schools.




Jerry K: obviously you have no earthly idea how the State Procurement Laws work. It would be against the law for EPISD to openly say that and do that. School districts and cities routinely hit up the A&E and construction industries hard for contributions to their PACs promoting bond issues. They promise all sorts of stuff to those groups and then when it passes - totally renege on what they promised and hire nothing but out of town firms. So no fear that the locals that contributed to the PAC will have an inside track on any contracts.

something to think about

max and jk, hunt owns real estate in the canutillo district. his buddy margo already got him the "open Enrollment" issue which allows anyone in the cimmarron area and west or north to go to franklin or coronado. notice franklin getting a football stadium too. how dare they make them play at coronado's stadium. im sure hunt hopes margo and crew can sell him some of the episd schools that they want to close at a bargain price. that way the charter schools can go there that he supports. like max said, the real estate is the key and who benfits. therefore, the people who get hunt's work are the people who benefit and maybe, just maybe, jordan-foster construction might get some of that too. these guys dont take a shit without a plan. the purchasing of the schools is the other business that benefits. imho hunt has wanted jefferson for a long time because of it being right across from umc and the med school. these are very smart people. devious ? imho yes.


There are only two companies maybe three if you stretch it that can bid; and more importantly bond, the large projects. Of the three only one is big enough to bond this plus other work. Should the other two bond this work they will tie themselves up for years; never go for it. Which only leaves one local company that can do this work. Any guesses which contractor this is? Hint one partner was listed in blog post as one of supporters, 50k worth of support.

Never ending

Susie can't distribute the government cheese, if you remember. It was Escobar that made the comment people love chicos tacos because of the guvmint chez.

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