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Someone needs to go back to EPT archives and read the interview with Cabrera when CREED formed and announced their intentions to promote charter schools/school choice. Cabrera stated he was all in favor or working with charter schools - and room for all, blah blah. Guess his tune changed drastically when the bond issue came out.

EPISD and its teachers unions need to quit being so paranoid about Charter Schools. If they truly believed they are the best at educating kids then there would be no need to trash charter schools and threaten to not support a bond issue if a building is sold to a charter school.

Never Ever

“We should always look to make sure our kids have quality education, whether it’s in public schools or charter schools,” he said. “We shouldn’t look at it as a one-size fits all. We should look at it as avenues to make our kids successful.” CESAR BLANCO

“I certainly would prefer to collaborate … so that we could share some of the revenue and the resources charter schools have and not have a turf war that some other cities have had,” Cabrera said.

If IDEA is coming to El Paso, Cabrera said he would rather collaborate with the network than fight it. He said he would be open to a Denver model, in which traditional, in-district and third-party charter schools all fall under the umbrella of Denver Public Schools.

5 months later, he can't even look at a charter school, sell an old building to a charter school, or let a tenant sub-lease to a charter school. What changed? Look for Blanco to backpedal as well. No area elected official, state or otherwise, would ever go against the will of the teachers associations. Ever.

May 4, 2016


Hey Max. If you add "Viva" to your blog name-Viva Max Powers, most readers will believe you are from El Paso. I like the viva look, and sound. Plus, the Viva Max movie from the 60's was very, very funny.


Ross Moore's comments in the paper are disgusting. If you are so good at your job, then why are charter schools a threat? Also, they are going to pull out support if FORMA is the consultant, that shows me you don't care about the students or the education, you are only there to protect their job. In the end, it's all about the money...


Dori is looking to run for something bigger. Watch out Joe Moody.


Run Dori Run

The Raging Chihuahua

To your first point, based on what l've seen in this town, we could use a whole lot more abortions. Now, the two reasons why people don't care about school choice is the same reason why people don't care about other issues. 1) The typical El Pasoan is too damn stupid. This is the same group that voted for a City Manager during a time when we were already (basically) fiscally prudent. The same group that pushed Western Play Land 5 feet over to the west. And pissing away a fortune on an amateur baseball park, more empty buses and a choo-choo train is going to improve their lives. 2) Most El Paasoans don't seriously care about any issue just as long as there's still enough milk in the welfare teet for them to suckle on. On a side note, Leeser is slick enough to bail out before this mess becomes an even bigger mess.

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