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Repeat lies and they become true

She despises anyone that questions, challenges or is perceived to have more influence than her.

She really is not that difficult to bring off her throne. But, people whisper and spread rumors that she is all powerful. That's her power.


She hates anyone that threatens her power.

Max Powers

What power?




We all know she dug up this stuff on Siria. Even a blind man can see that.


Hi Max. Been a while. Missed you babe Well the thing here is Only she can be queen and take up space in da throne... Yeah, figuratively and literally, cuz those nalgas are super sized, triple Chicos tacos order large. But speaking of her equally lardy brown lapdog, is his ex featured in any the Siria porno emails he posted? And did he share them with his minor kids this time?

I am woman hear me roar

Max: what you need to understand about women - whether they are Latina, Gringa or whatever. Women will act like they support each other in breaking the glass ceiling in business and politics but in reality, behind the scene it is still "mean girls in high school" and they will destroy any woman regardless of race, creed or color to make sure only certain women are the queen bees. Men handle this type of thing so much better than women.


she is just another "gringa con nalgas prietas" 1


The "hit" on Siria came from another woman at the County; although Veronica likely supported it.


Was it Norma F?


Yes, but she kept crying that she didn't want it coming back to her. She needs an opponent. If Siria wins, she will have an advantage to find an opponent for Norma F.

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