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It's not my fault

escobar is the only person that cause a boat to sink in the Rrio Grande, then blame the sand.

The DA did it to himself, he didn't wake up until the car hit a guard rail.

The REAL Texan

El Paso will continue to be ignored in DC, Austin. Big deal.


Don't blame me, I voted for Ben Mendoza.

Max Powers


Your comment...FTW!




Well now Mary can quit all her whining that everyone is against her. Didn't she support Lyda against Marquez and Chente against Vince? Oh the hypocrisy and irony. I love El Paso politics.


Chente was a bad choice. He was the laughing stock of the Texas Lege when he was in it - and Texas Monthly too. Guess there is not much to pick from in that District when it comes time to challenge an incumbent who clearly does not live in El Paso on a regular basis.

If the Republicans had a presidential primary that wasn't so competitive then a lot of Repubs would have crossed over and probably would have voted against Ortega and for the other guy. Doesn't really matter though - Ortega will get nothing done because its basically a super-majority Republican legislature - she won't get any important committee assignments like Marquez did.


Lopez should run against David Stout. Stout doesn't do anything.

The Texan

I lift up my glass full of misogynist male tears to Mary. Looks like the El Paso Drumpf Brigade on the Max Powers blog will have to continue sniping at her from the back bench.


Lourdes, I fully agree, better yet against Veronica Escobar.

The REAL Texan

The Texan, how many times did you "hang out" with Mary? Tell us what's she's like....

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