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Pajara es gringa tontos.

Bob Moore is Donald Trump

Susie gets a pass because she's white. Ask her about the $27 million in bonds that were delayed for her buddy Steve.

I vote republican

You want to talk corruption? Let's talk Veronica Escobar. She has more bones buried in her backyard than Concordia. This is a judge who bullies from her pulpit. For a fact she was "lobbying" schools, businessmen, city reps, etc to keep the Tenet hospital from going up on the westside. She claims she was protecting the UMC/Tech campus. Is she building her resume as an influencer? YES. Look at her appointments to various boards? They are all her donors and close friends, she recommends them because they are "good for the community." The street car deal? That was her and her buddy Ted Houghton. She fought's Houghton's battles from her county seat? Unethical? yes Corrupt? yes. Escobar's cronyism knows no bounds, she actively uses her office and position to fundraise and advocate for candidates. Many fear retaliation if they get a call and do not contribute to her candidates. She uses Susie Byrd and her position on council, at the Childrens Hospital (which is why Byrd was fired), and now on the school board. Escobar is mounting up for a congressional run and she is making sure her ducks are in row. Too bad Blanco will destroy her before she gets out of the shoot.

Maria Salacias

Hi Max, I am a frequent reader and first time commenter. Please help me understand what is the difference between Marquez and Byrd? What point are you making?

amazed at the mess

Dear M.S. Marquez retired. Susie Byrd is still working as an elected official. Susie Byrd is only doing what her bff tells her to do, that is Veronica Escobar. She is a puppet. Worthless. Jose Rodriguez is another worthless official. The only time Jose moved was when Wendy Davis ran for office. Oh, and the only time he smiled.

Bob Moore is Donald Trump

Pat Haggerty was hired as a lobbyist and consultant after being defeated by Dee Margo. No one asked him one question. Oh, that's right. He too is white.

Mr. Ramirez

Now we see why no one wants to run for office. Marques did a very good job as a state rep and I was happy to vote for her every time she ran. Now she is moving on to take care of her family which should not diminish what she has done. Thank you Ms. Marques for doing great things for our community and good luck with your pregnancy

Hook me up

One way to rectify this sitituation is to pass a bill that prohibits lobbying for a minimum of one year after leaving office. Use the Fed Law as a template.

Can't resist this, Byrds of the same feather flock together. However, it is true in El Paso

Jerry K

Recall that Ms Byrd is on the EPISD board that is a public service role and not a paying job. Maybe she needs to have some paying work like most of us?

Jerry K

Recall that Ms Byrd is on the EPISD board that is a public service role and not a paying job. Maybe she needs to have some paying work like most of us?

Max Powers


Hey, Byrd needs to make a living. But don't think for a second state legislators make a whole lot of money either...City representatives make more than state legislators.

The cynic could say Byrd has more incentive to try drum-up business for her company with EPISD vendors. And what vendor doesn't want to have a trustee on their side right?

But the Times loves Byrd.



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