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Jerry K

What sex is Rene Lara? Maybe that is a clue:)


Has nothing to do with sex JK. Lara campaigned for Mary, she paid his rent. Lara has pull an can generate funding not a mystery. Politicos are a nice piece of work.

Chente por la jente


So ask Rep Mary G. or RL waz up?


Not to worry. El paso times will print these breaking news on the front page (wink wink)...

The Texan

What's your problem, dude? You have a brave, resilient, intelligent, proud Latina representing El Paso with every ounce of determination that she has, and you sit there and complain and insinuate nonsense about her. Stop throwing stones at her and just be happy for all that she has, and will continue, to do for El Paso. What have you done for El Paso lately?


The Texan, who says we are happy? What has she done (we see nothing) but an idiot who stutters and opens her mouth so wide she can swallow a hamburger in one opening of that ugly mouth. Any questions?

Jerry K

Max must be on vacation. If he wanted to make some waves, he could find out WTF happened with San Jacinto and give us all the bloody details, since our CC has decided that secrecy is what we need to know.

Who cares where our reps live. They don't do anything and they get no respect in Austin, anyway, no matter where they live.

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