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BAM! You nailed it. Council members are forgetting that they now manage two employees - the City Manager and the City Attorney. Since they did a piss poor job of managing the CM I guess the CA feels she is untouchable.


Sylvia Firth has terrific judgment! Trust her before the Mayor and anyone on City Council.

Firth needs to be fired

You are very sadly mistaken, Ken. Sylvia Firth is clueless. Watch the council meetings. She allows people to constantly talk on topics not posted on the agenda - and not during call to the public. At Monday's special meeting, they were on the posted agenda item regarding opening Border Highway to pedestrians. Some man gets up and starts griping about his house near Scenic Drive and how much of an imposition it is for him when they close the gates. Not once did Firth stop him or anyone responding to him even though Scenic Drive was not on the agenda. This is the norm for her and happens at almost every meeting. This is but a very small sample of her ineptitude. If she cannot get understand this very basic rule, how do you think she does on more complicated matters? May be why the city outsources so much of its legal work.


Pull an open records request on her sister Chris Borunda's contracts please!!! Post it up Max. Don't be scared of the machine.


Worked closely with Sylvia many years ago. Have had numerous dealings with lawyers in my career and she stacks up quite nicely in comparison. There are a lot of factors in play at the City Council meetings and worse sins than not staying on agenda. Get a grip on what's really important.

Broken rudder

Ken, she might be a great mind but what good is she when she sits and along with the city novela create more drama. No body seems to be in control.

Not a fan of Firth

Doesn't make her honest, Ken. She is only nice to people when she has something to gain from it. She creates a lot of the problems by hiding info and purposely giving wrong info and then denying it. She should have been fired long ago.

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