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Jerry K

I just want to see a DA with the cajones (or ovaries) to investigate local corruption in government instead of giving his/her Democrap friends a pass.


Jaime Esparza did nothing when his compadres were being hauled off to jail but yet he has one of the highest budgets in Texas for a DA's office. Where does all this money go? What does he do except go out to lunch with Joe Moody? He's worthless.


I agree with Debbie. Unfortunately, I think the vote against Esparza will be split between the two other candidates and we'll be stuck with one of the most ineffective DAs in history.




Ok, Esparaza. How many cases, types, criminal did you refer to state or Feds and why ?

Jerry, I don't think it's about guts. I think it's about cronyism and favors. So if re-elected, there will be no change.


Jorge, it doesn't matter if the two other candidates split the vote, just need Esperaza under 50%. Nice plug for the Forma candidate.

Max Powers


Plug? I did not even mention her name. Come on OFA, don't think like a hoodrat. You should know better than that.

Besides, I have been all about Moody running for DA. Cesar Blanco, and Mary Gonzalez kinda hog the spotlight, at least as DA, the spotlight would be entirely on Moody.




Esparza wins the DA race on name recognition alone. The Villegas case will have little impact. Two gang members died, not the kind of folks who generate a load of sympathy. Don't forget Daniel Villegas was no saint. No matter what you believe he was hanging out with those kinds of people back then. You could make the case going to prison may have saved him from an early demise! Left uninterrupted, he could have been the next gang member to get killed. Promising to dismiss the case before you are even elected is pretty rich, even for El Paso politics!

Max Powers


First 3 sentences you have a point. Everything else is wrong. Imprisoning someone for something they did not do is criminal. Does not matter if they look bad or have a bad past. That's not the point. Dallas County DA's office had a serious problem of sending more than just one innocent person to jail. At that point, you have to ask who is the bigger criminal - the prosecutor or defendant?



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