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Shady Shady Shady! What I find surprising is that they are ALL about TRANSPERANCY except for themselves. What a shame. Canceling my subscription today.


I don't understand why they involve these non EPT's people that are allowed to ask questions but not allowed to tally the answers. Stupid. EPT should just admit that they all sat around the lunchroom the other day tossing out ideas and gossip about the candidates and here is our consensus - Ortega and Gonzalez. That would be more believable and legitimate instead of the way they do it now.


Harlin, we should all cancel our subscriptions. I am going down my block and having them do the same.


The fat man Chente has a lot of nerve running for any office. He is absolutely worthless. No morals or ethics and apparently no exercise routine either!!


Ken. You can replace Chente with Mary in your comment and it still makes sense!


Ad away Paul got that down pack.

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