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Both are total jokes.


I well remember getting "two for the price of one," Bill Clinton's famous words as his wife began to clear out the White House travel department and ensconce her good friends from Arkansas. That two-for-one thing did not turn out very well then and probably won't turn out well for use with Jose and his esposa either.


It happens with Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz all the time. If you want to know what Claudia "thinks", just ask Vince and his faithful sidekick Landeros who tell her what to think. This is a three for the price of one.


Claudia seems so desperate on all her FB posts about Vince. Take it from a guy Claudia, if he hasn't asked by now, he aint gonna. Your obsession with him on FB is quite honestly pathetic and sad.


Max, Sito is going to get mad at you. -El Paso politics is a joke

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