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central station

Rightly said Max...if you ever hear Mary G. speak, you will know immediately why they want her out...The commercial says do not send her back to Austin. Goodness, she never left Austin. Same as Ceasar Blanco, who lives in San Antonio. Please do not send both of them back to El Paso; we don't want them...Is there any room for Claudia Ordaz & Veronica Escobar in Dallas?

Inquiring minds...

Interesting point. Never realized that until now. I have not seen any other females come out in support of her.


For all the talk from women about "supporting" each other - they don't. Whether it is in politics, business, social groups, non profits etc. Women talk a big sisterhood game but they back stab worse than any man would do.


i think katherine supports panzalez....


Poor Catherine has no one else but jiame.


Lety, she has two skinny vatos with Jiame....

The Texan

Typical, Max. Grasping at any straw to attack a strong, independent, Democratic woman like Mary - one who is fighting against the special interests that Marisa represents. Your misogyny is pathetic, "Max."

Max Powers

The Texan,

You, buddy are a racist!



The Texan

Stop trying to obfuscate. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Real Texan

Texan, there are lots of straws to grasp. Sure she is Democratic? Panocratic?

The REAL Texan

Texans defends a woman by attacking another woman and then accuses Max of misogyny. Think that make you go hmmmmm


For the Texan
You pretty much lost having any credibility throwing the misogyny card. This has nothing to do with any one being a misogynist.Mary never could move beyond her pansexual theme and selfies. She has done nothing of real merit but be a prima donna and pretty much has became tone deaf and out of touch with her constituents.
Oh before you get started with the non-sense I did vote for Mary the first time around. No saying Chente is much better, both running for this office pretty much suck. Sadly the people of El Paso are the worst for having such junk candidates running for such an important office.

The Texan

- Authored numerous bills to improve schools, increase economic development and support agriculture in her district.

- Helped hundreds of families living in colonias access public water and sewer systems for the first time.

- Named "Freshman of the Year" by the Mexican American Legislative Caucuse

- Named "Champion of Equality" by Equality Texas

- National President for Kappa Delta Chi

- Co-chair of the Board of Directors for Allgo

- Named one of ten "Next Generation Latinas" by Latina Magazine

"Done nothing of real merit" indeed. If a man had done half of what Mary has in her burgeoning political career, he would be sitting in the governor's office.


The Texan
Sorry you can author or co-author bills all day long , nope Mary has not brought home the beef just mostly spam. Seems you are a sexist and only judge one on how good they are doing by gender. If a male had perform as poorly as Mary in the same office you would be bitching.


The Texan
Oh one last thing if anyone is voting for some one for office based on gender,sexuality and believe they should keep that office on these basis are as about as stupid as they come. Yep we see how that is working out, Wilson, Natalicio, Wiles, Vero, Kilgore .Yep can be a total fuck ups, be rewarded and keep their positions based on gender and sexuality no on performance and outcomes then we have some brain dead people claim how great they are.Then some wonder and can't get their head wrapped around why El Paso is so screwed up.


Thomas I think the world of you! You can see clearly unlike the texan.

The REAL Texan

The Texan slept with her...eh...wait turns out he didn't. Couldn't seal the deal Texan? Oh do tell???!?

amazed at the mess

Hey, taking about women, why hasn't cesar blanco gone all out & supported Mary Gonzalez. oh that's right, cesar thinks of himself only... another one who is dying to get in front of the camera. please someone, anyone run against cesar, & vote out Mary Gonzalez. Mad at a legislator? how stupid can you get...


Cesar, a whole different story. A story untold. We'll let jaime tell it.

Jerry K

Many of us just want an end to the drama queens like Norma and Mary and Lily and Claudia and Vero and Suzy, because good governance has enough drama in its own right. We don't care what you do with your pussy so don't tell us, but we do expect you to act respectfully toward your colleagues, not to be catty and to practice sobriety. And show up to work, too.

The Texan

Typical. I post a slew of Mary's accomplishments (even excluding many of them because the list would be too long), and the only responses I get back are comments about her sex life and vague notions that she hasn't accomplished anything. If anyone ever wants a textbook case of misogynistic epistemic closure, they should just refer to this blog.

The REAL Texan

The Texan, tell us more! But skip all your babbling and tell us what Mary was like.


The Texan
Can't support any real accomplishment of real measure and left only with throwing the victim card. What total bullshit!

The REAL Texan

Thomas, The Texan knows more about Mary than her accomplishments.

Hombre Fan

We should only elect only Men to office.
At least they can think for themselves and don't require others to text them their talking points.

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