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lol. pole smoker!!!!!


Hypocrisy and politics go together like Love and Marriage.

Inquiring minds...

Why hasn't Ms. Election Busybody Veronica Escobar endorsed Mary?

Jerry K

So what is her brand besides getting drunk and pan-sexing?


k-y is her brand


Hey hey. It's these comments that diminish any real honesty in politics. We don't talk about Pickett and Blanco like this. Do I think she is fraud? yes. But I won't cheapen that she has spent more time on her resume than serving her constituents talking about K-Y and her personal life. Not cool Jerry K and damaged. You should know better.

Max Powers


Mary made her personal life public by using her personal life, or her alleged personal life, to start her political career. If was not for the fact that she flip-flopped on her own personal life, nobody would care what she does in the bedroom or what she uses.




Max, I guess you're right that she did make the first move to make it public. But do comments about K-Y and drinking really let voters see why they cant trust her? no. She came to my door last week and she is very nice and personable but unfortunately for her I am not voting for her because her work performance has shown she has done nothing except make friends and take selfies. I mean people are ripping her to shreds in Austin, I am embarrassed of my representative.

Jerry K


Wouldn't it be nice to not be embarrassed about our government and reps generally?
To not feel like we need to apologize for their antics?

Not in El Paso.


Jaime you can have mary gonzalez, free fat, ugly, and stupid package. Like they say birds of a feather.


Mary Ferry---or not?

deadbeat mom

Pancho Pantera, Jaime has fat kathryn to keep his full chubby company....

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