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David K

Don't fret - Martin's numbers are pumped through a scam that involves SEO optimization (which means his blog pops up when you google "the pope" and people immediately leave his site) and the use of bots to drive traffic numbers. For a few hundred bucks a month you could pull the same scam and increase your rankings beyond even the local news sites. Advertisers know how this game works. Hence Martin's lack of quality advertising.

Our local audience isn't that sexy to advertisers... plus we're a little dangerous to get behind because we sometimes call people mean names and make fun of how they do their jobs.


Jaime seems a bit of a hater. He is always dissing democratics clubs, candidates (that aren't paying him or his buddy) and he has a hard on for FORMA. What is FORMA and why does he hate them? I am confused.


I happen to know FORMA's two designers and they are great people. I hope Jaime knows that when he mouths off about an organization he is talking about local people that have families in El Paso and do great work. I have worked with them on several promotion projects and they have done a great job. I have met their families and co-workers and everyone seems very professional. So they make a living? What is wrong with that? Are they stealing from Jaime or anyone else? I'm just tired of Jaime and Max attacking FORMA like they're some outside group. You should be attacking those politicians who send their money outside of El Paso and hire consultants in Dallas and Houston.


Brenda, Jaime has it out for Marisa and Rick. But yes unfortunately he is hurting the whole group by trying to target them.

Bull rider

Who's Jaime? Esparza?


Bull Rider, let me give you a glimpse. "Ay puto dont be talking shit you little bitch because I got me a city council ruca and a commissioners court ruca and we be like blood, like familia. I just tell the truth to power bro and I dont work for nobody, Im independence. I just take orders from Escobar because she shows me respects."

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