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Jerry K

Foreclosures are an indicator of the economy and only indirectly related to new home sales. Eventually it slows down new home sales. 2,477 is a good year for builders and shows real growth for El Paso, a "problem" places like Cleveland and Detroit wished they had.

I have blogged extensively on this topic on Elpasospeaks.org that the underlying issue in El Paso politics is its growth - who pays for it and who benefits from it. We play this Ponzi scheme of building homes and passing on their contingent capital costs (parks, libraries, police and fire stations, roads) to the local tax base versus capturing the incremental cost of growth up front with realistic connection fees.

Anyway, growth is better than no growth for a city like El Paso. Maybe not a boutique place like Aspen and Santa Fe, but definitely El Paso.

sir will

selling a house at these low interest rates and basically avoiding buyer credit standards(if not Gov) is pretty easy. now the buyer being able to pay for the house before default is something very different. Its like the used car dealers in town. sell a corvette to a military guy who you know may not can afford it, but he has the big down payment money in his hands. months later you repo it and sell it again. its like casa nissan and them selling cars to mexican nationals who live over here. sell it at a high price on credit and make your money minus the expenses of the ones they take back to mexico(harder to do now) or the ones that get repo'd over here. this is all an opinion, but the only one i can rationalize due to their stupid ass commercials. Orele, yall. you could also say people are buying houses above their means. kids should have to take dale carnegie course like we did in the 40's and 50's in high school and college. it teaches you basically how to use your money, balance your checkbook, what car or house to buy based on how much you make a month. retirement, etc. etc. They dont teach life things like that anymore from what ive heard.

Max Powers


Not disagreeing with you, but certainly EPT could have used a different headline. Or maybe because the stories were just a day apart; a more robust single story could have been written.




Today's editorial was a joke. They have the nerve to call out the police chief and mayor for being rude? Where have they been all these months when Limon, Ordaz, Robinson, Niland and Acosta have been beyond rude? And they failed to mention that PD had already explained why people could not walk on the Border Highway at the last council meeting. Not their fault council votes without paying attention.

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