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central station

the resident of san Antonio, Cesar Blanco, is not a work horse. He is a NOBODY, dodging responsibility.

no la

We the voters want to know.


Cesar Blanco does absolutely nothing. I met with him once and I don't think he even knows how to read a bill. In El Paso, we put crap in, we get crap out.

La Chola

Ese mi Hoodie la pura neta.

76 voter

I've met that guy before. He seems pretty stupid and shallow.
The bar must be set low if he is in office. He didn't know shit about what was going on in Austin. Someone please run against him. Anyone!

Rose M. Gonzalez

Now maybe El Pasoans are seeing the "real"Blanco. He is ignorant at State law and was placed there by outside sources that didn't want Marquez and Gonzalez to continue the work being done in the Capitol for El Paso, and it worked. El p
Paso must try to vot
e for the best candidate no matter the party we must chose the most intelligent people who are willing to put in long hours and hard work not just photo-op opportunistic's looking for their pics in the paper. There still is the matter about voter fraud in the last Representative election, but County Judge Escobar did nothing to help FBI get to the heart of the matter.Remember that Blanco hasn't passed a bill and anything he does is done with help from the lower ranks. Happy Voting!

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