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Well said. I read that editorial and for the life of me I don't understand what point he was trying to make - other than patronizing a certain segment of the population.

Inquiring minds...

The Times has become nothing more than a gossip rag. Critical thinking and discussion are a thing of the past.


And no one seems to mention that a forever corrupt government in Mexico has led to little chance for the Mexicans to elevate themselves. Their government exists to aid the wealthy and abet the drug trade. The US has long been their escape valve for Mexicans unwilling to live in a country that provides them with no outlet from poverty. Instead of talking about the immigrants, the Pope could have, should have talked about the 42 missing -- presumably killed -- students from Iguala.


Pete it is not the Pope's job to speak about turmoils created by different countries where the politicos run the show. So loosen up!

truth be told

Good point. The priest (Father Malloy or Mallory or something like that) that KFOX had on during the Pope's visit said the same thing the Times said. He just threw out the accusation that America's policies in the 1970s are to blame for central American refugees. No backup facts, no source -- just a blanket accusation. Those who blame America are silent when it comes to holding responsible the governments of Mexico and central American countries where the refugees come from. The blame game only applies to America

I am not surprised at the priest's thinking because I know that many local Catholic parishes support open borders. But I was surprised KFOX allowed such a one-sided, biased commentator to have so much time during their broadcast. I hope the EP Times lousy journalism is not rubbing off on other news media.

Inquiring minds...

Cancel your subscriptions and demand fair, unbiased reporting.

sir will

ive come to realize bob moore is nothing but another fucking idiot at the el paso times. marty is probably the only one that has any kind of clue at all in past years that worked there.


Amanda, if it is not "the Pope's job to speak about turmoils created by different countries where politicos run the show" then why does he continue to talk about open borders? I frankly wish the Pope would stay out of politics and stick to the gospel.

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