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Tired of Susie and Veronica

But but but uh uh uh I'm a goo good person ah ah ah and Larry is nah nah not.


Too funny! So are you saying the intense media focus on Romero and Gonzalez could be race based? Just sayin'. Or is it gender based? We forgive gringo women that potentially committed a corrupt act but we go after Hispanic men who do the same thing.

Hope Gonzalez's lawyer is reading DavidK's blog and uses that example of previous influence by city council members over existing contracts.

This type of influence or request of staff to "look into the contracts" happens all day every day at all levels of government. If Tolbert decides to run for District 2 again and if he wins he will find himself doing the same thing - innocently - but making a remark to staff and/or the CM usually means they will act on that remark. So when does acting on a "whim of a council person" become criminal or unethical?


Your pontifications on matters concerning the investment banking firm Estrada Hinojosa might be more convincing if you got their name right. Even once.

Max Powers


So what you are saying is other than that, I am right?





Simpleton, stop being the geek in the class. This is why you have no friends.


The blogs do not get the credit they deserve. I think it is discriminatory to give Maria Garcia more credence than Powers and DK. I am going to file an ethics complaint.


Juana - that's funny. Seems that EPT and KVIA read the blogs to get leads for news stories.


Lina is going to lose. It will be close but she will definitely lose.


Marissa Marquez for City Council!!!


GO, GO, GO Marissa Marquez for County Judge GO, GO, GO.


Maria Garcia for city council. She the right amount of f---in annoying to blend right in.


Who the hell said Susie beautiful??? Please.


Susie is hott after a few chardonnays, Bill. ive seen it happen...


Your not the only one "damaged" after one chardonnay.


Forgot Bill you are damaged with half a glass.

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