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Escobar is poison. If she is supporting Lina, my vote is for Lopez.


Lina is a hateful mean spirited woman and I would never vote for her. I remember campaigning for Oscar Leeser for Mayor and Lina was personally attacking Leeser right in front of his supporters. She said we were so blind to support someone just because they are on a commercial. Listen Lina, we are voters and if we are dumb enough to vote for Leeser, maybe we will be dumb enough to elect Adolfo Lopez and never have to deal with your negativity again!


Where there's Escobar, there is questionable conduct. She has failed as an administrator and is manipulative. She still has failed to provide clear answer about the fraud and penalties at the hospital. She has failed to do anything about the Perez, Ordaz, Landeros and Abeytia shenanigans, all done on county time. She claims to be in charge, guess that doesn't apply to her fiascos.

This reminds me, there used to be an Escobar that felt they were above the law and could dictate to everyone. Well, the people opened their eyes and turned against them. Which is what the voters should do, vote for Lopez because he is qualified and not an Escobar puppet. Send her a clear message that it's time for her to get out of politics. We have more qualified and effective leaders.


Well it could be Ms. Ortega doesn't want Escobar's support. I understand there is still very bitter feelings in the Ortega family about how poorly Susie Byrd and Veronica Escobar did in managing Steve Ortega's mayoral campaign. Very bitter feelings. I heard the 3 of them are not the cozy, chummy friends they used to be since 2013.

Aurora resident

Adolfo came to my door and I asked him about his endorsements. I understand that none of the people listed for Lina bothered to grant him a meeting. I don't know about you but if an elected is not open to seeing both sides of an issue, that smells trouble. I am voting for Adolfo.

Westside voter

Susie and Veronica are running Lina's campaign? The stutterer (uh uh uh I think) and the drunk? Poor Lina. She doesn't have a chance.


I don't know about drunk but every time a toilet flushes in the county, Veronica is on the news giving an interview. Does she do anything else except give interviews?

central station

Cesar -you are so right. Just like Cesar Blanco, anytime there is a camera, those 2 idiots are right in front Veronica Escobar & Blanco.


I'm not surprised Marquez and Pickett break from the pack. I may not like either of them but they are the two in Austin that have actually done anything. If Lina is so awesome, why didn't she pick up their endorsement? I'm with Lopez even if Max thinks he doesn't have a chance. What does Max know anyway? How to pick fights with Lionstar?


Ms Ortega is: A medical Malpractice attorney...she will NOT have the support of the medical community!


I heard the same thing about the falling out between Susie/Veronica and Steve. This is probably why he looks so happy now and is doing better than ever.


Lina Ortega is not even a good lawyer. She brings a nasty disposition that is frequently unprepared at trial. Years ago she thought I would testify favorably toward her client, failed to take my deposition and was very surprised in open court. Jury came back with a zero verdict for her client. Have not met Lopez but I hear good things about him.

In the know

I don't think Lina knows how bad her nasty little past is going to come back and haunt her.

Trial lawyer

Haiduc, doctors don't vote Democrat and they don't support anyone but themselves. Why should Lina give two sh*ts about them?

ELP Tax Guardians

Interesting that Escboar, after getting a 'no' from someone, thinks that they would then do anything else she asks of them.


Veronica Escobar is just like Norma Chavez


Veronica who? She's history.


Veronica is vindictive and retaliatory. She will come after anyone who goes against her wishes. Best thing is she is a nobody county judge. She can't even control her own court.


Race will stay within 5 points either way. Lopez is winning at the doors. Lina is probably gonna win the mail game.


Word is she is waiting on Trial Lawyer money from Austin

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