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Expose the shenanigans

Well, we are entering a new time. People are finally challenging the system. Hopefully these challenges will start major changes in the political environment.

Let's end the practice of allowing people like Abeytia walk around like he runs the city and county.

Thanks Max


So what's the complaint? This letter says nothing.

Panchito el Shinero

Has anything changed within the last five years?

Jerry K

Maybe someone will challenge the city on its abuse of executive session?


Jerry K write the complaint yourself do not wait for others to do what you can do yourself. File an ethics complaint at the City,real easy to find the form on the city website, and one at the state level. Git-ER-Done!

Jerry K

Thomas, the compliant is probably best filed to the AG. I did file a complaint to the AG in the UMC crisis when they were stonewalling requests for info about the EPCH debacle earlier this year. I filed another (and won) some years back in regard to HACEP's CEO hiring non-practice (i.e., reject the qualified candidates and hire the lawyer for the police union). Mostly, I've done more civic activism than the average Jose does in a lifetime here.

Time for someone else to do it, hopefully someone younger who is more affected by the cronyism here. As for me, I am looking to move in 2016 to a cooler climate as far as I can get from Mexico. Prepping the house for sale now. I'm sure you'll miss me:)


I will not miss you I do not live in the City of El Paso. All the AG will tell you go file a civil open meetings violation with the County Attorney. As to ethics it's either the city ethics board or the State ethics commission. Lot more work filing ethics complains.
Jerry I do not blame you for leaving El Paso the mass exodus has just begun.

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