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happy tree hugger

Cheap natural gas is the best bet to reach lower carbon goals. It is the only alternative to coal in bringing affordable power to those areas that currently depend on coal. The US has vast amounts of natural gas and we should make full use of it until a better solution comes along. The kick is that cheap natural gas is a bi-product of fracking, something uninformed environmentalists abhor. And for those who tout electric cars -- where do they think the electricity is coming from? And for all those batteries, we'll have to pay a high price when it comes time to dispose of them. They'll need a protected landfill for generations, maybe forever.


Yes you have a point about the carbon content of solar and other renewable energy generation. As the solar production processes have greatly improved the amount of carbon required has gone down. Also a solar panel today generates and recovers the input energy in right under 1 year of solar producing power. They have come a long way and driven down their cost at the same time.
So yes we need some oil and we need some gas for back up and processing for sure. But those two sources whose Boosters make wild claims about them being American Energy and fund political campaigns to maintain the status quo! many of these ads are not accurate and disguise the serious pollution and high use of water resources. So there is no free lunch in the energy equation.

So before you pick on Jim Tolbert and other renewable energy supporters take a Objective look at the real inside facts re rampant oil / gas shale extraction and it is not a wholesome picture. Many hidden costs and societal costs will have to pay for some of these hidden costs. While we need the resources, the energy players need to do a better job at addressing the related issues and stop waving the Flag like they are doing everyone this big great favor when they are not! Talk about false Bravado and they are heavily subsidized as well!!! after 100 years!

The term renewable relates more to nature and the fact that nature does not RAISE its prices and it is more sustainable in supply. Oil and gas wells deplete and you must continue drilling to maintain production levels. That is why they over drill now. Depletion rates for new resources are much higher than the legacy oil/ gas wells like 65 % after 3 years average per well.

Something to put in a carbon pipe and reflect on, renewable does not have this constraint ! So that is why folks get more excited about it. not hype at all, the hype comes from the carbon players. solar produces from 30 to 40 years with no price increases minimal service.!

new shale gas will rise in price as they export it and the depletion rates kick in. just a matter of time. But gas and solar and wind are a great team for the grids future. compliment each other well.

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