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Justice wears a Blindfold

It is odd, it looks like a eulogy or a sermon. Even the facial expressions convey lack confidence. I'm no fashion critic but the open arms reveals fat arms. Should have worn a nice lady's suit.

Anyone hear the report ? Curious if it WAS a eulogy or Comedy Central.


Trying to look like Kate Middleton, NOT!!!!!!!!!!


Justice wears a Blindfold
It was typical propaganda, spin and well "BULL SHIT" we always hear from Vero. Oh boy does she know how to shovel the bull shit. I was told the media had to ware boots it was so deep and they ate it up. ;o)

Jerry K

She looks great IMHO. Too bad she had to BS the EPCH debacle.


War on women here. No one commented on the Mayor's outfit at the State of the City.

Max Powers


The only war here is war Escobar launched against good taste.

Regarding Leeser, if he pulled a Chente and wore a leisure suit with a bolo tie, I would return fire.




Typical feminist bull shit statement can't defend Vero bullshit and failed tenure as County judge you have nothing left but to throw the sexism card because others thinks Vero is a walking cluster fuck.

Carly Fiorina Fan

She looks sad, old and frumpy. The bloom left the rose a long, long time ago.
We would ignore her wardrobe/appearance if we had some accomplishments to focus on. (There are none.)

Tory Burch Princess

Perhaps Claudia can text her fashion advice as payback for telling her how to act/vote on Council...


She would make a good Juarez black velvet painting model. But hey, let's face it. Good ole Vero has never exactly been a fashion icon. She loves those Mexican landscape prints. Say what you say about Niland's look and girth or Emma Acosta's teeth, they know to wear proper business attire. Guess Vero lives up to that old saying, you can take the chola out of the valley, but you can never take the chola away from Vero.


Looks like she lost it?????????????? Did she ever have it???

Tired taxpayer

Honestly who cares about the county. They need to be combined with the city and stop raising our taxes. Consolidate and get rid of escobar.


What's with this wall flower?

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