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Successful woman

Women need to quit whining and playing the victimization card. Want to succeed ladies? Get off your butt and just do it.

El Paso times sux

Successful woman, you totally missed the point on that one. You're what we call in the real world, a dumb beaver. What Max is saying is that the women in our town do carry the majority of the load when it comes to real accomplishments for our community but they never get the credit they deserve. Niland and Marquez cut throats to get what they need done and all we here about them is petty gossip. Niland took on the Electric Company, Marquez filed the first ever medical marijuana bill. Escobar has been in the middle of a complete overhaul of the county. Ordaz still has her training wheels on but I see potential. I agree the TIMES is pathetic in news reporting-we are in the final days of any decent reporting. When Senators make news for being voted president of a 10 member club. Oh and dont forget the tweet that made the front page. Times, you are anti-woman I agree with Max.

Donald Trump

Maybe Bob Moore needs to get laid or hes constantly on his rag

Successful woman

EPT sux: my comment was geared towards the actual event. It's another feel-good, liberal cryfest about how women in this town are treated unequally. Not so - simply because of the women we have in elected positions, former CM and other organizations. Escobar, Niland, Marquez, Ordaz - are not respected by the political class; They become the story simply because they are women. Had they been men and involved in some of these political issues you can bet it would be ignored by the media. The media and ankle biters love to destroy aggressive, powerful women. Remember the majority of all media is owned, operated, managed by men. Not women.


SW, No one cares about whether or not their respected by the political class, they got elected. They are the only ones doing anything in this community but Bob Moore considers a tweet and beef with another rep real important news. The Time's sexism is bleeding out of their bullshit webpage and poorly written paper. Chicks stay hard far longer than the dicks do in this town.


I looked into it and Max is right. The men make the news more often than the women and when the women do, its petty nothing.


Did you see City Council today? Bitches screw up everything.

EP Stupidiity is Equally Spread

Look just the fact that we have so many women in many positions of leadership and influence in El Paso is enough proof there isn't a ceiling in El Paso.

Escobar's overhaul is more like a demolition of the county. It has been one bad decision after another. Ordaz, prote tibial for what ?!! The mess these two women was self inflicted. Has nothing to do with gender. Everything to do with being inept, ego driven and self promotion. There's just as many dumb asses on the male side of the house. Escobar has those gonads hanging on her office wall !

Pena Trump

Speaking of Marquez. I read she was with FORMA now. If you thought that bitch was scary as a rep, she will be worse on the outside. Thank God I'm in good with her.


Dear Max,

I like women....(1st response in your new survey)



not insane

call Marquez what you want, but she did more for El Paso, than Moreno did in all the time he was there. El Paso Times loves men, not like Haiduc. I mean bob moore prefers men.

They shall eat cake

Bob Moore has no understanding of El Paso. He is too lazy to go out and see why we really care about. He needs to be spoonfed everything the times prints. All he posts about is Chihuahuas games while the rest of us work. #Loser

Kiss my tiara

If I were a woman reporter at the Times I would challenge the leadership...Dont be apart of dissing your fellow sisters women. You never know when she may be in the next stall and you're clean out of toilet paper.

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