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'I won't Tax you
and I won't Tax me
So let us Tax the fellow behind the tree'

Times Bldg Ghost

All I can say is good luck. No way it will ever pass the legislature until they regain a Democrat majority and a Democrat governor.

Max Powers


Yes and no, just as only Nixon could go to China, only Republicans can pass a state income tax.



Jerry K

High property taxes here finance high local costs and incompetence and corruption, not the state. How does a state income tax help the local tax problem, except to add another burden to the already over-taxed citizen.

Purple lagoon

Whos Shapleigh?

Sergio Lewis

Do the property taxes ever go up if this scenario was to happen? What are the future implications to to the taxpayers? How did this scenario in California play out? I'm not saying I'm right or have a point, but it would be nice to hear from someone who knows or maybe even Senator Shapliegh... Best regards.

Precinct 2 voter

Commissioner Lewis, I really liked you on the court but I have noticed you never take a stand on anything. You sound like you never want people to think that you dont like someone or something, why dont you just say what you mean and stick to it even if it hurts someones feelings. Stop trying to play both sides, people will respect you more if you just take a stand on an issue and move on.

Sergio Lewis

P2, I appreciate your comment, but respectively disagree with you. I've not only taken a stand on many issues, but questioned certain matters that deserved the attention of the Community. I will agree with you though that there has been some times when I've stepped back a step or two & bit my tongue. P2, on my prior comment & questions regarding State Income Tax; I was serious, there's a lot of information that we don't have on that issue & it's hard to take a strong position w/o data & answers. I'll keep ur points of interest in mind in the future. Once again, Thank you & best regards.


Shapleigh groomed the tax and spend progressives who have put this City into a billion dollars worth of debt on improvements that aren't paying for themselves. The only reason he wants a state income tax is to get a bigger pot of money to waste. Hopefully saner heads will continue to prevail. I've lived in California and other states with high state income and property taxes. They rates continue to rise. Folks that work hard and increase their earnings are punished with higher tax rates. If you think state income tax is great move to New Mexico and try it out for a couple of years.

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