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Flashlight is shining

Max, keep digging. You are about to open to reveal the reasons as to why the city is in disarray. For that matter, the county as well.

David K

Funny, I was waiting for Martian Parades to cover this section. I left it out on purpose!


Said it on Martin site and will say it here if any of you think there has been any kind of ethics violation civil or criminal file the complaint. Let's see if little boy David K has the balls.None of you will. Hey and do not say I do not live in El Paso or the county any one can file an ethics complaint or a criminal complaint. Please get on down with your bad selves! I'm not saying local government doesn't need some cleaning up but the truth is none that blog or comment or read this stuff is going to do any thing but bitch.

Times Bldg Ghost

There is nothing ethically wrong with making catty remarks about fellow council members or individuals attending a meeting etc. I read all 100+ pages of the texts - there is nothing unethical. Ordaz produced them as required by the ORR and at most there is some embarrassing texts - but nothing unethical. No worse than if her staff was sitting in their office and emailing her or this Jose guy sending her emails while he was blocks away in his office watching the council meeting on streaming video.

Maybe council should leave their electronic devices at the front door and the IT people disable the email on the computers at the dais and then we would have the undivided attention of council - right?

Jaime Abeytia thought he was smarter than a 5th grader on this one and all he accomplished was making Ordaz look like a fool.


Times Bldg Ghost
Jaime was writing about little boy David K today sorry Jaime those in government would play hell trying to sue David K with the Texas laws they have been passed to stop such retaliation. Please any that you know tell them to go for it and see how far they get. Once again neither side will do jack. I read all the e-mails and all I've hear is a lot of speculation and conjecture with not proof. If someone thinks they have the smoking gun file the complaint.

Max Powers


All of that aside, any idea about this Bobby character?




Max quit thinking the name Bobby. Think of other names people us when called Bobby. Come on can't prove it so not going to say. Max put money on it you know the answer.


Thomas, you're stupid. None of your attempted innuendos make sense. Please type in proper sentences and complete thoughts.


Review the Ethics laws and then post a comment, Thomas.


Pony eat a big one, oh help me help the grammar police are after me! So sparky point out the innuendos. From what I posted did not I.D. any one directly or indirect but I think Max knows. Have made it very clear if any one thinks there has been an ethic violation get off your lazy asses and do something. Thomas I am not the one claiming an ethics violation. Have had all the Texas ethics and governmental laws book marked for years now and check for up data regularly.


Thomas I see no clear ethics violation but maybe not the best behavior from El Paso Elected official but what's new and what do you guys expect. Max do not remember but did you go after Ordaz private e-mail account were she may have been conducting official business like Hillary?
Right now I'm frying by own fish with local government and since I do not live inside the city hey it's your problem.


Thomas, review the the code. There are some very obvious points.

We know it's our problem which is why there is interest. Is there any real need to respond in that way.

Good luck with your local issues.


Thomas file the ethics complaints if you have found all these points and above all what counts most proof step up to the plate. Thomas write the complaint yourself and give citations to the governmental regulations,codes and laws violated. Bet you don't!

Thomas makes no sense

So sparky comment I make to hear and tell Max that bobby is ethics complaint on Texas books. Look it up to esplana to shut up in no. -Thomas


Thomas makes no sense
Once again if anyone can prove ethics violate, not shooting wind out your butts file the damn complaint.Thomas makes no sense seems your just one more talking out your ass. Post it damn it blow by blow the violations of Texas governmental law and Texas ethics codes. Back your punk ass up with the proof!


Bobby Bowling....what are you all scarred of?


Thomas what the hell are you talking about? You're really trying to get us to focus on an ethics complaint? Bottom line is that an elected official, a supposed leader is taking direction from puppet masters. She's also bragging about running campaigns. Show me her goddamm name on a campaign report as paid or in kind and I will kiss your boots Thomas. You might push your pretty little liar into some deep shit if you keep blabbing. Max pull the hose on this guy.


You do know how to find local, state, federal law enforcement right if you think there has been crime. Yep tried to get Max to put up that information yesterday for you guys. So Hoops if you have all the proof of wrong doing knock your self out and file a complaint. Nope you will not and your the one that is babbling if you do not do it. Step up to the plate or shut up.

Just saying

I dont think if there was a violation it would be criminal. It would be civil, but we do know that Ordaz should be more careful when mouthing off about elections and campaigns.


Well then file an ethics complaint with the city, county or the state.. All of this is really easy to find on-line. Ethics complaint is real easy! The problem is what others,me or you think is unethical may be not seen as such by the letter of the law. Hey I think it's unethical for a public official to conduct the people's business on private e-mail account in that it's an attempt to circumvent open records laws and hide their dealings from the public. Then again the courts say it's legal with the understand these e-mails are public record. The problem is proving such e-mails exist.

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