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Bob Moore Sux

Agree totally with you. The Times pulled the comments on the Romero column. I think due to a comment about why they didn't do an Editorial on the texting Orr you pulled. Their new format actually makes it easier for them to hind things they dont want commented on and show the ones they do. It may just be the new format, but it wouldn't surprise me. Just like their their open letters from Bob Jones didn't surprise me. I'm waiting on an open letter from Charles Manson.

Legal Criminals

In fairness, they did wrong and are doing time or have done it. The bums still iin office give interviews or hold press conferences all the time.

The ORR case is well hidden, the so called guardian of democracy no longer reports facts only press releases. The case should have been a front pager !

Valentina De Santiago

Thank you, Max! I have been saying this since the first column. The man is a criminal that took jobs away from the handicapped workers. I have no interest in his prison time. The Times is making him out to be some sort of jail hero. Bob Moore is out of control and needs to go. He uses the paper to feed his large ego and the paper reads more like the National Enquirer these days.

Purple lagoon

Why don't you write a post about Lina Ortega is going to whoop Adolfo Lopez's ass?

Bill Fallon

It is funny to see Bob Jones close his letters with advice for his family to stay away from drugs and alcohol. You'd think he got busted for trafficking and mind-altering substances were to blame for his sentence.
Greed, a willingness to corrupt others, callousness toward the disabled (unbelievable!) and sustaining a grossly overconsuming lifestyle -- his dream, he told me, was to own a private jet -- are the topics he should be warning about.
That said, he sure has a crappy life, sitting around without a hip in jail. God is forgiving and we must be, too. I wish him well and pray he is in some way helping others with his words even as the above comments clearly indicate his thoughts are unwelcome by some, perhaps many.

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