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Veronica lost her sole a loooooooooooonnnggg time ago when she started going to bed with Valenti. What do we expect?


Are you talking about pig face veronica escobar?

Max Powers


Seriously? I am no exactly Escobar's biggest fan, but I am not buying that her and Valenti were bumping uglies. Sorry.


You leave my Eskimo Queen alone.



Jerry K

Judge Escobar keeps changing the story re: EPCH and UMC. We are not getting the straight line and even if that line were, "I don't know WTF they are doing over there," at least it would be a straight one and Escobar's credibility would not be compromised as it is now.

I believe she is a very intelligent and competent judge, but she is now her own worst enemy and, once you lose credibility, you never get it back.

Vero, this is the time for you to be the Judge, not the Shaplite politico trying to save an impossible situation that, arguably, you had a role in making.

Hang down your Head

Apple doesn't fall far the tree. Blind leading the blind. Take. Your choice, both sayings are applicable.

What is killing the commissioners is arrogance, in the belief they can do or say as they please and underhanded legacy building instead of public service.

David should have stayed in his role as briefed case carrier for Esccobar. Vince should have stayed in his role as daily praiser of Escobar. Deep Belly should have stayed in his role as deep throating for the most opportunistic opportunities.

There is no intelligence, scruples or leadership at the city or county. The lion tamers have been eaten by the lion.

Lower valley

How can a building paid for by the taxpayers owe rent? I as a taxpayer haven't seen a payment yet. Is my check in the mail? Escobar and her court jesters are douche bags.

Robert  MOnsivais

Follow the money at Childrens hospital it leads to the naming of the trauma department at UMC. Formerly Thomason. Gente tonta.

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