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gun loving texan

Max before you run your big mouth, did you check the facts? Have you checked reports and personal financial statements? Was Jose Landeros reported on campaigns is a bigger story, he has access to county data for his clients....smells fishy....

Max Powers






Voter data is public record. Doesn't matter where you work, it's available to anyone. You've got innuendo at best. This whole text stuff was a big disappointment. Nothing good in there.

Max Powers


You are absolutely right!

But why would I want "voter data"?



Sergio Lewis

Interesting... During my last campaign for County Commissioner, I brought up the fact & acquired time sheets from the Secretary of the Senate that Mr. David Stout was campaigning on the taxpayers dime. At the time, he was working for Senator Jose Rodriguez & took sick leave to Politic & run for another Government job, while being employed with the State of Texas. I wonder if there's any correlation of principles or Ethics that are similar to this matter/article. Best regards to all.

Times Bldg Ghost

If I am not mistaken, Svarzbein's "Friends of Peter" July 2015 report shows a payment to Jaime Abeytia - for banner ads on his blog. Someone should check out the previous reports for Peter and for Claudia and see if Abeytia and/or Landeros appear on them.


I think he ran caesar blanco's campaign too

David K

Unfortunately I think they are saying that they themselves spend 1/5th of what Niland spent on her campaign. However, they forget that 1. nobody votes in their district. 2. nobody votes in their district. It's pretty cheap to send out a total of 500 pieces of mail...

What these wannabe campaign consultants don't get is that they should be promoting wild ass campaign spending... they are after all campaign consultants.

Max Powers


You could be right, but the only ones that can clarify this is Ordaz, Perez and/or Abeytia.

Even then, Abeytia will have to admit that he is campaign consultant, which kinda refuses to do so. That sort of boggles my mind because why wouldn't Jaime not want to say that he is a campaign consultant? Instead of selling ad space on a blog, he could make more money on being a campaign consultant. Oh, but that would ruin the narrative for the El Paso Times.



Pull your head out

Max, hang in there and keep the pressure on. What we have here is supporters of the unethical and possibly corrupt behavior.

I wouldn't be surprised if they're not circling the wagons to protect themselves and hide what was done in back alleys. This whole matter needs to be investigated thoroughly. What has happen is the the people's trust has been lost. All because some amateurs watched one too many episodes of House of Cards.

Ethics violations and possible criminal activity !


no clues max?

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