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El Paso times cannot be trusted. The editorial board is a joke. Some politicians get the VIP treatment whiles other don't. Their word has no strength or power.


Guess that means no chance the Times Editorial Board sticks it to the Judge on the Children's Hospital fiasco that she has spent the past few months running away from any responsibility. She is the worst kind of politician, her character is corrupt!!


Bingo Max, and the Times said nothing about the Text Fiasco you produced from the ORR. Your ORR is news and shows how juvenile Ordaz, Perez, Escobar, and the Deadbeat Dad can be on any given day. What's the word I'm looking for here ? Transparency ? Isn't that what the Times talks about so much and yet your ORR is transparent, but yet they have nothing on it.

Mrs. Anderson

It is so sad the very thing Escobar set to eradicate, she has become. controling every event, entity and people has been her downfall. Had she stuck to keeping a humble attitude and to her work, she would not be on her way out. I feel real bad for her family too. Im just happy her family seem like good people since I am sure they are last on her list.


she has a family, Mrs. Anderson? she lives down the street and the only groceries come from Specks...

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