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People got their Wish

Not surprised or shocked. But, she was re-elected therefore rules over the court instead of leading.

It is a difficult pill to swallow because the county voters or nonvoters will do nothing to stop the practices.


All of this is boring. Who cares about Escobar and Valenti? No one

Max Powers


Make me a sandwich.




So CP you are part of the problem or one of the ones that support these nuts. Oh let us guess the debt and the mismanagement does not matter to you. Either you are one of the few that can afford the non-sense or you do not pay taxes in the county or do not live here. Every one should be concerned when government elected and appointed are conducting official business on private e-mail accounts in an attempt to not have to comply with open records laws. Speaks volumes to their mind set of ethical conduct. Think about CP.


I stand corrected Thomas.

rotten peppers

She identifies with Hillary Clinton.


And Cornyn and a whole lot of other elected officials in Texas. You could say they are just pulling a Stevo who is one of Vero's best buddies.

Godmother of El Paso

The resemblance would be more accurate if the comparison was Al Capone. Scammed and took from the public, then occasionally delivered a turkey or two to the neighborhoods so they would support him.

Sound familiar ?

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