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outsider watching in

those emails are disgusting, and what is even more disgusting is people still believe in Veronica Escobar. They made a song about her,"They smile in your face all the time they want to be your friend, those back stabbers"

Rotten Peppers

I think we're all disappointed at how petty and narcissistic she comes across as. I expected better of her. Valenti appears much more professional then Vero in these emails.

Fooled Once

She also plays both sides in races. If she tells you she's on your side and endroses you, she's also working for the other side. I saw it firsthand as a volunteer in the "enemies camp." She was helping the opponent to her "friends"

Valentina De Santiago

You missed the childish temper tantrum on page 121. This woman needs to resign NOW and go get counseling to learn how to behave like a mature adult. Understand now why she and Byrd are BFFs. Two peas in a pod.

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