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Married man

I loved escobar comment. This is a great day for Americans. As a gay man in El Paso, I don't give a shit what you think Veronica. You're faker than my man's C cup.

Rotten Peppers

Next up is bathrooms ("I want to pee standing up today"), polygamy (religious discrimination against Mormons), then marrying your dog or horse, then pederasty ("I was born this way"). I can't think of anything after that but I'm sure the LGTBs will.

Annoyed by RP

Shut up rotten peppers.


Those two escaped convicts in New York missed a great opportunity. If they made it known they escaped so they could get married, then I'll bet the LGBT community would have taken up their cause and ensure they were safely escorted into a JOP. From there a petition to President Obama for a full pardon, because the criminal in them were from a previous life and now they identify with law abiding Gay couples contributing to society. They would have been put on welfare and food stamps until they got on their feet as they were retrained to be Planned Parenthood counselors. Instead they are just one dead heterosexual and another on the run....what loosers!

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