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Rotten Peppers

It's so good Western Refining had to move its HQ to Houston. Spouses took one look at all the brown faces and sand and dust and told their hubbies, "No way, Jose."


No - they moved back office operations to Tempe, AZ. The corporate headquarters is still listed as El Paso.

I agree that anyone not born and raised in EP has a very difficult time moving here, getting adjusted and many can't wait until the tour of duty is over or the spouse finds a better job. El Paso is not unique in that situation - there are lots and lots of cities that no one wants to live there either.


Max the story was businesses would be pounding down the doors of EL Paso to get in if El Paso built a Baseball Stadium and get a triple A ball club. Just like the story that health care, pharmaceutical and other auxiliary medical industries would be pounding down the doors of El Paso to get in if we would only build a children's hospital. Nope the people of El Paso have only gotten a whole lot of debt to last for at least a couple of generations. Then again seems the majority like being driven into financial ruined by the morons they allow to be elected to local government. So Max how many could have been retooled with new and upgraded skills and given a chance at a higher education if we had spent our tax dollars differently?


Max, you are ignoring the real issues. People view media. What do they see and hear?

The school systems corrupt and in chaos. The city and county in complete chaos with financial doom on the horizon. Special justice for officials. Dirty politics and the inept simply playing musical chairs during the elections. Newspaper that lacks creditability. The infrastructure falling apart. Demolition of history and perfectly good buildings with maintenance crews that never did maintenance(?). High taxes, low wages, non-skilled workforce. A city that is more concerned with the quality of life in Juarez than El Paso. Forcing children to learn Spanish of English so they can advance iin the world as though they will never leave the area. Heck, despite all the tourist campaigns, Juarez made number 9 on a list of ten most dangerous cities, Acapulco made number 5. By the way, Hadera Israel is a sister city, so why isnt the city and county trying to find ways to give them freebies.

I amazed at the apologies that are made for enforcing immigration laws. Meanwhile Mexico has surpassed the U.S. wiith deportation of illegal(their words) immigrants. Most are deported without a hearing and within 24 hours. Repeated offenders are incarcerated as felons.

Max until the area changes its ways, there will be no rush to resettle because of a triple A team, a large TV screen, a park that has been rebuilt for two years, a soccer team or a trolley.

We need to get serious about changing and catching up to the 21st century. People move because of better and good paying jobs, not because you build a bunch of empty houses or skyscrapers or a toll road that charges for only one side.

Some will suggest that I leave, I love the area and will fight to make it better.


Realist, you showed your cards with "a city that is more concerned with the quality of life in Juarez than El Paso." and "...forcing children to learn Spanish or English so they can advance."

Give me a break. You chose to live on the English & Spanish speaking border of this country, and you say you love the area and you're are fighting to make it better, perhaps you should consider asking a friend to help you get that chip off your shoulder. If taxes are your big thing, taxes are lower in New Mexico, say Santa Teresa, you can easily continue your fight for the area there.


All my cards were shown, nothing hidden. I am just saying what others won't.

I mistyped, it should read "forcing children to learn Spanish instead of emphasizing English so they can advance".

There is no chip on my shoulder, your response is exactly why El Paso is the way it is. Complacency, ignoring the problems, refusal to change. By change I don't mean spending money faster than revenue is received.

The chip on your shoulder is very obvious, very defensive of the status quo. Something is wrong when there are 30 officials doing time, school systems being taken over by the state, officials spending more time in executive session than open meetings, infrastructure in need of repair while prioritizing gaudy art that has nothing to do with the local culture, demolition of buildings and plans to destroy neighborhoods, how can you be so accepting of the park fiasco, half a toll road, other Texas cities with lower property taxes and higher income, the list is endless.

El Paso has a lot to offer and its gifts are ignored. Why should I leave just because people like you rather live in denial than do something to improve the city. I will agree that it is our fault because we vote for the inept or don't vote at all. My guess is people have given up and feel voting is a waste. I will vote and encourage others to vote against the status quo. I will encourage others to stop making excuses for the area, I will fight to get others to acknowledge that El Paso is beautiful but mismanaged by the inept, unethical and corrupt.

As for moving, I'm sure there are plenty that will help you move to areas which enjoy all the failures you embrace. Perhaps you enjoy the fruits of a shady tree therefore will resist any change.

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