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Over Development

That will not be the view much longer unless the developers are reined in. You understand because you have lived in congested, high buildings and cement jungles. Many of the El Pasoans view that developing as a sign that "we made it", we're a big city". They don't understand why big cities fight for parks and we see traffic jams to get to the open country.

Be careful what you wish for....

Max Powers


The good news is that that particular area really cannot be developed. It is federal land, which is adjacent to White Sands.

But you are absolutely right about other cities fighting for open spaces, that's why the visitor center at Franklin is important. For the avid outdoorsmen, a center is not needed, but it's for everybody else. A way to increase awareness, and say "Hey the desert outdoors can bet great if you have enough water, and sunscreen. Best part you don't have to worry about mosquitoes."



Rotten Peppers

That federal land is now a national monument and the builders, realtors and developers in Las Cruces are steaming about it along with Rep. Pearce. Not everyone loves nature when she can be raped instead.

Max Powers


Thank God...or the Flying Spaghetti Monster...Allah...



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