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The sad part of this is these are two of the people would claimed in the beginning how this was such a great deal and would not cost El Paso tax payers a dime. Today these same people are saying how great their ideas are to fix the problem with CH that they helped create. Even sadder is El Paso citizens are falling for the same non-sense by their tacit approval in their silence over the CH issue. Seems many in El Paso like being bent over the counter by their local elected and none elected officials.


good point. now nix the clinics.

Slight of Hand

Just say "free" and you will be elected.

Unless they expect a pandemic, they don't need several hospitals and clinics. These are feel good proganda projects. Plus allow for service for people that can't receive service in their own country. Just start billing the other country and see how fast the border tightens.

That woman needs to go, so far every notable and important project has failed. She is wasting time by having to constantly defend herself. The basic problems are mismanagement and ego.


Start billing the other country, Mexico, and you'll see. We pay taxes to UMC for people from across the border. I have tried to be seen and they refuse to give any type of discount. You earn too much is the response, but doesn't it take quite a bit to survive? I say stop taking property taxes for UMC for those who are refused service at a discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rotten Peppers

The plan was to create a private cash cow that UMC could milk without the embarrassment of FOIA. It backfired on them, however.

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