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I hate to admit it but Norma did more for us than this kid Blanco. Bring back Norma!!!

a voter

are you kidding about Norma? she did more for herself,another "selfie".
Blanco, it was VERY clear,was all about Blanco, JUST like Norma!!!
Selfie, needs to go.


Blanco and Norma are all about their egos. They can't get enough of themselves. Blanco has no interest in doing right by a community he hasn't lived in and Norma well she's so toxic she has no business being in any elected or appointed office. Was Blanco really making 6 figures as a lackey to Pete Gallego?

Max Powers


Here you go: http://congressional-staff.insidegov.com/l/17761/Cesar-J-Blanco


interesting, didn't know that .

Rotten Peppers

No wonder El Paso gets the short end of everything. Our delegation makes up for their being powerless by being Teresa Caballeros.

bags of scum

sonovavitch. 150k? thats more than gallego made. fucking a thats some coin. a chief of staff only whacks off, plays video games and sleeps while the lackeys do all the work. fuck

R Gonzalez

Why doesn't El Paso remember Naomi? The reason she was "Voted"out was not because of the DWI but because she actually passed a lot of bills that made Mr. Mostyen of Houston angry. She and Marisa were both supposed to fail but only Naomi fell. The voting machines didn't count the votes for her. The FBI was called to investigate but local powers put a stop to this. So forget about Blanco and Norma the only one who really did something for this town was Naomi!

Mr. Ramirez-Ranchland

I agree! I miss Naomi, she wasnt a quick smile in a cheap suit. She cared about us old folk at the centers. Blanco is on to a bigger better deal if you ask me.

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