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Smooth Talker

Blanco voted one of ten best? He is intelligent, charismatic, smooth talker. He fought very hard for the Hazelwood Act. That got him a lot of TV time which he loves.

As for taking credit for something that he was against before being for it, well that this the political in him. In an area like El Paso county it doesn't take much to fool the people. There are some issues that he could had pushed harder but he understands the importance of the veterans' vote.

He has become unreachable since being in office. It's just an office but for some reason once elected politicians forget the "little people" and relegate contact to their subordinates. Politicians, your staff picks up on the attitude and before you know it they become condensing. All of you should check on your staff periodically.

Did Blanco earn the title ? I'm not sure, it's almost like the title is bestowed on the new office holders. More energy ? New ideas ? Or is it a way of bringing them into the flock? After all politics iis politics.

Slut for blanco

Wake up sheep. He used us gullible fools. We fell for the smile and handshake. Escobars puppet was trained well by his master.


Marty schladen= Cesar blanco = worthless + clueless. Love, the real journalists of 84th legislature

outsider watching in

if there is a tv camera around,you will surely find blanco. if not give up if he is your rep. Kick him back to where he's from, San Antonio. They can have him.

Blanco former supporter

I am very upset that Cesar is misleading people and claiming to have funded Texas Tech. He should be honest with his supporters and voters.


why was Blanco top ten? He is NOT Norma Chavez

I voted for Norma

Lets face it, Cesar found an opportunity and milked it for what it was worth. The whole charade of DPS and asking questions. It was a bunch of nothing but the media ate it up. He did not file any legislation that went anywhere, he took credit for items he had nothing to do with but in the end the people are more interested in what he tells them then what is true. Bravo to Cesar the Emperor and his new clothes.


I have personally met Mr. Blanco and yes he is very personable and No bad press. Then again I don't live in his district.....
His voting record speaks for itself.

Cesar's San Antonio constituent

it seems like every time he smiles he's telling another lie. Like his smile grows instead of his nose. A house in San Antonio. Voting against a bill he takes credit for. Why do the media buy in to his lies? Is Marty Schladen in a bromance with Cesar?

Rose Gonzalez

I am Naomi's mother and I know a lot of what goes on with El Paso's politicos. You do not know the true story of why some people are elected and who says why they should be elected!?
Your vote doesn't count and don't fool yourself thinking it does I saw what they did to my daughter and another person for them to be defeated!!! Cook County all over again. Nobody wants to get down to the truth. Guess you all can't handle it, to quote a movie line. El Paso is a lost cause. That's why people are leaving it in droves. Know this however Mr. Blanco had his seat bought and paid for Norma Chavez was included in the deal. Great going El Paso. Who loves ya,baby? Answer, not the rest of Texas.

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