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Nice defense. I would like to invoke the "intimate and embarrassing clause". I wonder if the rest of regular people in Escobar kingdom can use the same defense in traffic court or at our next work evaluation. You've outdone yourself County of El Paso.


We do a fast read but looks like to us you came out on the winning end. Did you get any interesting insightful information out of the request and if so how soon will it be posted?
Max you have set a good example on how to engage local government when they are trying to hid information from the public. Also what was the total cost in the end of your open records request if we may ask?

Max Powers


The only thing it cost me was a few minutes of my day.

I haven't received any of the withheld info or unredacted info.



Norma for 76

Here's my issue...up to now. It seems as though Valenti and Escobar are just playing a game of cat and mouse with people's lives and their livelihoods. Posturing, bullying and plotting is all they seem to be up to meanwhile the rest of us work hard to support both of these entitled assholes. I want my money back.

No Gonads court

Power can be very intoxicating for some. Especially those with low self esteem and stubbornness.

None of Government Cheese lady decisions or policy is based on the needs of the public but on her personal needs. The need to show she has power and her decisions are not subject to question. Unfortunately we are blessed with emasculated county commissioners. The only one with gonads is her !

She will duck and weave to cover her stupidity and the obvious agenda to create a legacy. She campaigned on ending corruption, apparently she doesn't know or ignores that corruption doesn't necessarily involve money. There are other behaviors that are considered corrupt. Her brow beating of the commissioners and the public is an excellent example of the corruption of power.

But she will super spin her conduct as love of the people. The people will swallow the bs and re-elect her and spend the next few years complaining. It's time for her and her kind to be booted out of government along with her spineless commissioners. It takes courage to lead and that is lacking. They sit in their offices, knees knocking and sweating profusely, afraid to miss her instructions. Sad

Rotten Peppers

Government in secret is how we do business here in the Progressive Era. Escobar took a page from The Witch's playbook.


Max, how come you never rip into other elected officials? Rodriguez, pickett, marquez, moody. Are you on their payrolls? Why only the same ones over and over ?

Max Powers


Aside from fact the County has a bankruptcy on its hands with EPCH...are you kidding?




But that's not escobar fault!!!

Valentina De Santiago

Dear Bootsie, aka Veronica, give it up already.


I am just pointing out that Max has a bias towards Escobar for whatever reason and he should be called on it. I believe he is attacking her because she uses Abeytia to attack her political enemies to keep from getting her own hands dirty. Is it because she made hottie Emma Schwartz cry? It just sounds like Max is picking on her and I am trying to figure out why?

No Gonads court

If you can't determine why Government Cheese lady is a target , then either you lack comprehension or choose to ignore the facts.

If you consider her a friend instead of an enemy of the people then you are part of the problem. Condoning self serving policy, arrogance, unethical, deficient in public service, inept. In short she should be removed from office.

El Lardo will benefit from all of this as she will hire him to ridicule anyone that exposes her failures. The Devil hiring one of her disciples.

The other part of the problem is the emasculated commissioners that were ushered into office thru her help. However, in the end, the devil expects payment. Emasculation!


Get real! How unethical does Vero have to be? Really! Vero is using a private e-mail account and most likely accounts in conducting the peoples business to circumvent the Texas open records act. So tells us why Vero is using private e-mail account if there is any truth in her claims she wants transparent county government?
Also Vero was one of the one's that was one of the big time cheer leaders for children's Hospital. Have you heard her once say hey we screwed up on that one? Nope!
Tells us here how much mismanagement has to take place at the county before people like you say Vero has really screwed up at her job? Under Vero's leadership our debt at the county has more than doubled and you can put money on it Vero is going to champion it being pushed even higher. Have you heard Vero step up to the plate and say hey we need to let the people have a vote to the increase of the peoples debt and their taxation. Nope Vero has done ever thing she could to make sure the people never have such a voice.
In addition Bootsie there is no other blogger or news outlet in El Paso that really to any extent calls Vero out on her bull shit but Max.

outsider watching in

Thomas, thank you. you said it best !!!

No Gonads court

She's out of control ! Bans soda from court house! Is she serious about health ? More than likely this is a distraction from the more serious issues that are starting to zing her.

She's the one that is obese and worried about others? She claims the public demanded this section, really? I haven't seen any protestors at the court house demanding that she ban sodas. Her bs iis getting deeper and deeper.

Max Powers


I actually agree with Escobar on this getting rid of soda from the County. Have you seen some of the deputies at the County? Did you ever see Jaime?



No Gonads court

Max, thats a personal decision as to what we eat and drink. Adults don't need the government to tell them what's good for them.

Would you blame the spoon for getting fat? What about the people that want to gain weight ? Btw the juice idea is stupid because the vast majority of juices are artificial favoring with sugar content. No different than a soda. An overweight deputy that's up to the department standards. Jaime, well that's up to him if he's ok wiith the weight.

In my opinion, this measure is to distract the public from the real issues. Does she have a dietary license ? She should worry about herself before telling others about their weight. I really doubt there was very many people complaining. That's a place of business not a health culinary center.

Tell her to use the stairs instead of the evelator, ride a bike to work, enroll in a gym and if she likes rabbit food more power to her. Leave the rest of us alone.

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