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Just Sayin'

Any arrest or alleged crime committed by an elected official sits in the deadwood department at Jaime Esparza's office. Ann Lilly will soon leave office and the complaint filed against her from a city employee that she threatened is now 15-16 months old and nothing has happened and nothing will. If an elected official committed murder it would probably go to the DA deadwood department and die a natural death. The rich and the politicians will always be protected unless of course the FBI gets involved and they seem to get the job done.


These two look vicious, cucuy!!!!


This is why we need a new DA. Now if our DA had been fighting to turn DWI/DUI into a felony instead of the misdemeanor that it is today then maybe he would be deserving of the MADD award but he hasn't. As someone who has lost 4 members of their family to a drunk driver I can say MADD made a huge mistake. MADD is no longer relevant. What we need is for our Law Enforcement and our Politicians to get these 3,4,10 time DWI offenders off the road.

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