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Rotten Peppers

It would be good policy to make El Psso more attractive for white people as they are a vanishing species here.


You totally hit the pendejo on the head, Max. Jaimen has always been a race-baiting douche. Unfortunately, people don't fit into neat little categories like the race-baiting liberals would like.


argentine german or jew is not uncommon for that name. if he is jewish then that may make him relevant on the west side since that is where most of the jewish people in el paso live and they do vote. he seems like an uppity kid though. bonart is not as well liked on the west side due to his fight against the 4 laning of trans mountain. many didnt like him because he voted for the storm water utility also. bertha probably thinks more white than any of them due to where she has worked and the fact she liked wilson. all 3 are bad candidates. manny is out there. a little too crazy, thus his nickname. rotten peppers should run as far as im concerned. he would be the best candidate.

Rotten Peppers

rotten peppers should run as far as im concerned. he would be the best candidate.
OMG!!! Peppers for CC. What a platform.

Balance the budget on the backs of billionaires. Make all CC email accounts visible to citizen web browsers. Attract white people from Minnesota to El Paso with a Norwegian Cultural Center (have you been watching Vikings?) Paint the front of the trolleys with big grinning faces of Cortney Niland, Lilly Limon and Emma Acosta. Renege on the stadium bonds if not covered by the HOT. Reinstate bordello licenses like we had in the early 20th century so I-10 tourists can "easy cum easy go" to Old Kansas Street sex boutiques.

The possibilities are endless.


Consider the source. Fat, uneducated, illiterate thug who's a self-loathing racist


rotten peppers, while channel surfing i saw that "viking thing". white women with big lungs. is it interesting ?

Rotten Peppers

William; it's the bronze bras that Peppers considers ultra hot. 50 shades of metal:)

Rotten Peppers

You would have to take a can opener on a date to get to 2nd base.


rotten peppers, what about the chastity belts ? is there a key to the lock on those ?
makes me think of mel brooks and "robin hood men in tights".

Rotten Peppers

I don't think Viking women used chastity belts. They were pagans like NYC hipster women today.

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