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Does this mean the U.S. shouldn't fund the Palestinian Authority (Hamas) either? They get 440 million dollars in U.S. "aid".

Max Powers


If that is the case, to answer your question, "yes".



Rotten Peppers

Nor should we fund DTEP property investors with tax breaks.

Comment edited by Max Powers

The smartest one in this e-room.

Given the fact that we're well into the 21st century, isn't it time for other nations to grow-up and stop using our (Monopoly) money to sustain themselves? And as far as one nation attacking another, here's my philosophy: If my next door neighbor sends his entire family over to my house to kill off my family so he can take my house and property, and if I'm able to adequately defend myself and family by killing his family, his house and property are now all mine. Why is it really that simple? Because it's called fairness (justice).

Max Powers

I know this much as well...Bar Refaeli is Israeli.

That should sum up everything.

Open and shut case.




Dear Max....
You are either with Israel or NOT!


Max Powers


What does that even mean?

I am a-okay with Israel defending itself.

What else do you want me to do? Give Netanyahu a reach around?

FWIW, Moshe Dayan is a badass in my book.



Rotten Peppers

Either/Or logic is the product of a weak mind. Probably some bible-tard.

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