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Deciding Who the Deciders are

The best part about this post is that you are referencing a decider who no longer decides to write her bloggie anymore....reason being....she is no longer a decider. The citizens of El Paso have overwhelmingly decided to decide her ass out of office so she can no longer be the decider...You are correct in our delegations past piss pore performance in deciding to follow other cities deciders instead of our own locally grown deciders as team per se. Our former deciders decided too poorly and now as Davik K points out in a more direct approach to your own...that the former decider is no longer the decider and has now infact decided to tie their deciding power to loser issues like baseball parks, recall petitions, parks, discounts for travelers, the NY Jets, STA, and all those other "wanna be deciders" who have now decided to try and decide on loser things. Maybe they should decide on something that can be a winner as Joe Muench wrote recently...Like say deciding on supporting the sun bowl or something. Just a thaught about what it means to be a new decider in a DC....Beto beat an old guard decider who is now in the same boat about deciding not to decide to show the new guy around. Maybe that old guy former decider will decide to take up blogging.

Max Powers

Ah, Norma Chavez. Oh yes. Not that Norma has a lot of support, but of the support she has, it is due in large part to her breasts. If they were smaller, then her supporters would not be as distracted from the rest of Norma. And maybe then they would realize, "Esta gorda esta loca."


Baytoe is a Whitney as swipe who thinks DC will fall at his feet and do progressive tricks for him because daddy in law is a billionaire... Um, on second thought....

Max Powers

In all fairness, Fedup, all Congressmen and Congressmwomen think DC falls at their feet. That's just the nature of the beast.

I would like to see a Republican statewide candidate from El Paso, but that ain't happening anytime soon. So let's work with what we got. I would prefer the libtard from El Paso, than the one from San Antonio or Fort Worth. Beto actually has every chance to be a statewide candidate as much as the other guys and gals Democrats keep running their mouths about.

Go Marisa

After writing a book to legalize weed and his mother having to go to court because her fine furniture establishment was laundering money? Good luck selling the name "Baytoe" in Tyler, TX. Another spot that Marisa should plan for in 4years. She's the only can doer in town and no bullshit about her.

Max Powers

I can appreciate what you say about drugs playing out in Tyler. But let's take the long view, no pun intended. Democrats in Texas are supposed to be competitive in about 6 or 8 years. We are already seeing trends nationally where people are more supportive of revising aspects of current drug policy than ever before. Certainly over time that number will only grow.

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