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She does not have to look self serving -- she IS self serving, as proven by her own salary increases, her suck up to Francis and Hunt (that tax abatement thing) and her hanging on to her county seat until the last possible moment...I could go on but the point is proven.

El Paso is lame

Leeser is dying to be back into politics, he could win. However, Carlos Sierra still boasts that he is close with Leeser, if this is the case,that will be the end of his career.

That's all folks

Lame, disagree. Escobar has so much failed leadership, lying and using people especially immigrants that Mendoza, J. Perez or Artulecho(sp ?)could beat her in a run off. All her shenanigans have been exposed and the people no longer close their eyes, cover their ears or mouth about her.

To with hold information about wrongful conduct by an official is conspiracy, veiled black mail or condoning. Should she use the alleged information would prove just untrustworthy and conniving she is.

She, Orourke and Byrd are going the way of politicians in Washington. The bullshit stops today ! There are consequences for their behavior in the climate of zero tolerance. Spanking of an elected official on stage while he is on his knees, whorehouse tours, guvmint cheese comments about El Paso. That's just for starters. We all hear whispers of other alleged activity that if revealed and proven would result in ground level devastation.

Dori the Dunce

Dori has all the dirt on Escobar. She’s just too dumb to effectively use it.

Old Fart

If Leeser did run it would certainly make things interesting! Since it was reported that he had health issue before he left the mayor's job, wonder if this blog topic is simply an interesting discussion item?

Lesser might be an appealing congressional candidate, because he has actual city mayor's experience, plus has actual real life business experience.

Was the recent announcement by Margo of new business openings, a result of things Leeser put in place during his time in office?

The Raging Chihuahua

If it wasn't so sad it would almost be laughable that the current low-life, weasel that we have for a Mayor just threw the now former low-life, weasel that we had for a Mayor under the bus. 'Well, I don't want to raise taxes, but the former political gang didn't inform me that I had no choice.' Uhhh. Having Leeser run just to watch him get his political ass kicked like the former schmucky, nut job, Cook would truly make a great Christmas gift.

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