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Hope the pussy thing is ok with the publication of his meal ticket's information.

Incredible only 1000 square feet and that many people ? Feel bad for any pets in the household. The freeloader must be feeling the pressure to find some income. How long can you freeload before the host says it's been long enough ? No wonder he is so supportive of antisemitic folks. He doesn't like people that work hard for the money and don't have to freeload. Envy is what it's called.

Freeloader aka as Kim Jung twin is just like his idol. He eats and lives good on the back of others while his children do without (thus warrants for nonsupport). Look at his photos, same oversized face and haircut.

Then we have the photoshopped photo of his meal ticket. Might as well have used her daughters photo. The fanny pack in the front didn't help any. Then we learn she's a freeloader as well. No taxes, no helping with mortgage or utilities. Do they at least help with food ? He's using her car.

This explains why he is busy kissing some buttocks in hopes of the USER winning and giving him a job. Can you imagine the shame if those two get to Washington ? Maxine Waters and Kim Jung representing El Paso ! yes, I said it Maxine. Wonder if the warrants would be served in Washington ?

Escobar cries poor and feels the pain of those in need. Maxine lives in a walled mansion and the property is half a city block with pool, guest house, multi car garage. Has a house on Washingtons embassy road. But she's poor ! Escobar and her spouse are financially well off, buts she claims poor !

Ask yourself, how can she possibly judge anyone with her lack of values and lifestyle ?

To be Honest

Her boyfriend has a big mouth. I would be very concerned about matters of the Court and privacy sensitivity. She would probably tell him everything. What would he do with that type of information? Would he spread it in the blogosphere?
That is a very important issue for anyone considering voting for her.


Another question is how much do they leech from their host and taxpayers.


This whole story is boring. Chatman is going to win. Move on to the Indian running against the Pan-sexual already

Mary Anne

Thank you Brian. Yes, word is that Norma Chavez is running the Native American's campaign. Congrats Mary on your re-election. Norma is the kiss of death.

1st User in Chief

For antisemitic innuendo and dirty politics practiced by Kim Jung and supported by Dino Esco. I was against jailing immigrants before I was for it. Immigrants are county cash crop to them.

I am 100% democratic only I accept Republican money and arrange for Republican political appointment to Judgeships. But, I am Demoractic. I USE all people to advance my agenda. No one is beyond using. Even children are disposable, I build failed Childrens Hospital to further my ambitions. Hookers are disposable along with El Paso residents, I give organized tours of whorehouses in the county and ensure El Paso gets the publicity via Playboy Nov 2009. I found the secret to Chico's success, guvmint cheese. Yes, I revealed the secret ingredient in the same magazine.

No one beyond being used when I promote myself. Latino heritage is useable also. I have convinced everyone that is a serious qualification to be elected. But, remember you are safe in jail and it keeps the jail operating.

So any first anything is a major qualification to be elected to Congress. First con, first people and cause user, first failed administrator, first Democrat in disguise, first to represent Juarez instead of El Paso, first to be endeared by Mexican officials, first erotic tour guide, first to be supported by antisemetic, first to be silent when other candidates are attacked using racism, first candidate to be supported by deadbeat and fugitive, first to travel to DC for Republican contributions, first to attack local Republicans, first to hang men scrotums in office, first to ignore border fence but attack a border wall, first to embarrass themselves at US Senate hearing, first to proclaim on national news that they are A COUNTY JUDGE !

Yes I want to be the first ! It's good for me and El Paso !


All this is public info. We cannot vote for a woman who stands by a man with no morals.

epcounty.com -Jaime Remijo ABEYTIA 7/04/1975


Docket >Family Court Cases
Family Court Case History

Case Number Party / Business Name

DR1999-003935 Abeytia, Jaime - DOB: 7/1975
FC2002-006378 Abeytia, Jaime - DOB: 7/1975
Behinds In child support in Arizona and El paso. from what I know he has 5 different kids from 5 different moms. But his worries only about himself. Right now jaime has a bench trial next week. Will he get off because he is friends with someone?. Keep this woman out of office. Vote for someone with some dignity. Plus this man hasn't filed taxes in about 15 years because he owes all that cs. How could anyone be with a low life. It's funny how she doesn't mention anything about how great and supportive her man.He's an embarrassment. She would rather have This low life pay for her signs and help with her campaign then him be responsible for the kids he claims is his. he has a bad habit of asking for paternity test. check out the links.

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