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Max Powers

How convenient.



Sad puppy

Kathryn, sure would be nice if your fiancé would give the same courtesy to other candidates and individuals as you are expecting from Max.

Kathryn fat in El Paso

I don’t expect anything from Ali, and I don’t control anyone except myself and my own actions. I understand Ali has had a long history of issues with jaime & I get it’s easy to attack a woman. I understand and will pray for Ali and Jaime to find a place of peace. Until then I understand Ali will continue to attack and ridicule me.

Max Powers


I pray that you and Jaime find a gym.



Kathryn fat in El Paso

Thank you for your prayers as long as they are genuine the Lord will bless you.

Be Real Kathryn

Really Kathryn? You think you are the only person who has lost a family member? I have lost both of mine! Have you ever had a friend die next to you while fighting for this country? I have, I miss him every day. The fact that you’re fat is no big deal. The fact that you are engaged to a convicted criminal and pedophile is cause for major concern. How can you be trusted to dispense justice when you sleep with such a animal? Does he offer you candy, little girl? How are you going to be able to properly give justice to anyone while your breath reeks of Jaime Abeytia? Now you are trying to play the sympathy card because you lost your daddy more than a year ago. Oh boo hoo hoo! Yet don’t want to be judged because you are fat, yet Jaime does it to others. So Princess Buffet, quit your whining and suck it up. I suggest you drop out of the race, spend your money on some crying towels and join Jenny Craig. You have a far better chance of losing the weight, then winning this race. Save yourself the embarrassment of being slaughtered this election, go back to the barn and take that slob with you.

Virginia J

This woman is a Joke. She is with a man whotries to ruin anyone that he can. Powers have you noticed that Jaime Abeytia has done work by removing alot of his negative pic and info when you research him? Even when we clock on your stuff we get an error. Hes cleaning stuff up becuase of this snake.How can someone be elected into office when she's going to marry a man who one owes child support and has a Warrant in AZ plus Has an outstanding child support balance here in Texas? She is a horrible person.So we should vote for a woman who is with a man who has no ethics or morals? What does that say about her? Thus woman is a snake just as much as Jaime. Even his own kids are ashamed of him. If this woman can stand by a man who on a daily basis tries to ruin people lives and gets gets a kick out of it.... how sad. She sleeps with the devil. We can't have a woman like this elected when she has a man by her side that on two accounts has been charged for hacking. If you check on the epcountry.com site you'll see he's record. HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A LICENCE TO DRIVE!!!! He drives around in her car cause he doesn't have one lol.People need to help not get this woman elected.Jaime tries to use his connections for everything. What will happen if she gets elected????

Larry k

Let's elec a broad that stands by a man who has to be the scum of the earth.This bruja wants act all Church like lmao. Get some morals broad.Your a joke and why should anyone vote for someone like you????? Max you should feel good that this broad took the time to read yoir blog but I'm almost sure it's her fat,thug,cholo looking like chubby guy that is on here. She's just like jaime to use the sympathy card. Let's make sure this trash of a disgrace doesn't get elected.

Larry k

God bless. Woman please we know you are not a churchin goer. Your dad dying??? wait if I recall were you and Jaime not up elsewhere during that time with your family?

 Kathryn, we don't want you!!!!

Just looking forward to publically humiliating you Kathryn. When is your fundraiser? (EVIL LAUGH)

not chauvist, just honest

Fat Kathryn, the dishonesty with the campaign photo says a lot. You have an issue with self image otherwise you have used a current photo. Second you are willing to mislead the public which brings into question honesty in the court room. Third, people do age and have physical changes therefore don't look young and attractive forever. If it's a medical condition that's one thing but if it's lack of self control or don't care that's another thing. There are many overweight people and they look good because they take the time to provide a good appearance. They care about themselves.

You are entitled to be with whomever, but just as your guy has done. You will be judged by your relationship to him. He does that all the time to other women. Well it's called karma.

The guy comes with some heavy baggage and despite what he believes he is not well liked nor popular, nor admired. He is actually a walking social disaster. You are viewed as the type that seek to marry incarcerated men. Not a good choice. If you have children, they will incur ridicule in school as more people discover who he really is. A dead beat producer of children and sick by showing his daughter a porno flick of her mother. He states it's not true. Play with words but we all know it's was a plead deal to avoid imprisonment.

We have to wonder what were you thinking when you picked that type of guy. Doesn't look good for making decisions and judgement.

I know I'm being harsh but I m being honest and telling this nothing. It will get a lot worse during the campaign. Good luck


Whether you know it or not, your guy is like the ugly but easy girl or woman that believe everybody is in love with her. If she only realized the only she is sought after is because she is very easy to flatter her. They only use her.

Jaime is used by everyone and struts around like he is gift to El Paso and everyone just loves him. For a guy that makes a living in communication he can't figure it out that he is the EP bitch. He is gullible when they tell him how great he is and his immediate response is to smile and bend over.

Kathryn, do yourself and your family a favor. Don't campaign. It's not worth the disgrace that you will suffer. You have stepped into the spotlight and will be a continuous target. Primarily because of him. Don't let him tell you it's ok, it will pass, etc. Regardless of the results of the election there will be personal attacks, judges will not view you as a colleague, the lawyers will laugh when you're not present, the court will not have respect.

Say what you want, we know that he set this up and has you believing this is just the beginning of a political career.

Cameras don't lie, you look nothing like the picture. Should have used a current picture and not mentioned him at all.

Vote No to trash

Our Family used to live next door to Abeytia and his ex wife. His daughter to schoo with my daughter when they were little. My husband had to call CPS on this low life because his daughter and step Daughter told us that her dad dragged across the hallway by her hair.He was physically and verbally abusive to his ex.He was always yelling at thr kids.I'm sure that his kid and anyone living in that household wilk tell you how abusive he was. From what I have heard he has not changed. I live on the Ysleta district where my youngest attends school. Hell no will I vote for woman who can stand by someone who ruins people's lives and reputation. How could you want people to vote with someone with no morals???? Everyone known he has a long record. HE is scum and trash. This woman is okay with being with a man who can't be child suppprt in with AZ and Texas. I suppose that this woman has no morals.Let's not have someone like this woman win. She is just like Jaime. They are trash!

Moth to the light

Most look for good qualities in a future husband, partner and father to their children.

Kathryn, perhaps you were an abused child and have low esteem. Perhaps that is why you would choose such a terrible organism. He is like a bad virus that spreads evil and pain to everyone that has contact with him. Stay with him if you wish but don't ruin your children's life by putting them thru this. Send your kids to your mother's home.

Look at the company he keeps, they're all users and losers. Every word they say is a lie. Vince Perez has opened his eyes and has done well since his disassociation with that virus.

He's not a good man or father and he's ugly, what did you see in this scum ? You could have done much better than that thing. He's opened you and your family to shame and ridicule. You have lost all creditability of morals, judgement and any respect that is require of a judge. When I see I will feel pity and will not look in the eyes. I don't even want to be seen talking with you. Friendships are hard to gain and you lost that plus my vote. I will encourage others to not vote for you.

Vote no

So from what I hear Jaime is behind in child support but he is buying alot of her campaign stuff. What type of woman is okay with her man using money for her campaign instead of child support? You're a classy lady aren't you. We can't vote for a woman who has no dignity or morals. She must be judged with who she associates herself with. We will have lost the respect of many when this is all done. At the courthouse we think Jaime is joke. Kat do you know he is over $8,000 behind in child support with his ex her in El Paso????? When he was just here a few weeks ago for a traffic violation he was bragging how he would get off easy. That is exactly what happened. If you look up his info in Maricopa, Tucson and here. He has a long list. We can't expect her to make good choices in our community when she is in someone who will allow a man to act in such a dispictable way. Get the word out. Vote no for this pathetic loser of a woman

Vote no !

The truth ! She claimed this was her decision and called her own shots. I knew it, she is his puppet. What a switch a puppet for the losers and users has a puppet of his own. How cute.

Forget it, a vote for her is really a vote for him. He will be telling how to judge cases and if he was laughing about getting a ticket quashed you can be sure that he will use her to beat all his offensives.

Where's Internal Affairs and the DA to investigate the fixing of the traffic violation ? One more reason not to vote for her !

paul carrejo

They both need uber to get the lard closer

Boat with multiple holes(ho's)

Don't stop spreading the word to not vote for her ! She hoping everyone will forget and vote her in. The fugitive is feeling the heat. He's getting very angry at the slightest thing. You know what they. When you're angry it's because you can't control the situation.

Keep the pressure going on the filth. Zig ht he is salivating at the thought Escobar will hire him should she rig the election enough to win. And in his true freeloader style he wants Kathryn to get elected. That's his backup to getting money. He will suck her dry until he can find another of income.

Can you imagine Escobar in Washington? That would feed into the ugly and lazy Mexican stereotype.

Kathryn get out while you can. He's a loser and a user. He will use you ! He's already caused you your reputation. That is the most valuable you have besides children. I'm sure your family can see clearly thru him and would like you to get rid of him. You might as well get married to a pimp, no different. How long before your children are exposed to porno ?

Kim Jung's picks

Kim Jung was seen going into Escobar campaign headquarters. The brown shirts hanging on the wall are the explanation for the vicious antisemitic attacks by Kim Jung.

And Kathryn wants to marry him ? It's very obvious there is a short in her thinking process. Would you want her with Kim Jung as her advisor passing judgement on your case ?

nathan smallballs



Kim Jung twin is once again threatening attacking people that disagree with his antisemitic blog. Using words games such as "depends on what IS is".

Jew Hating Kim Jung

Do you really want to vote for someone engaged with a free loading, child support deadbeat, fugitive from justice ? Lets not forget that his civil rights comments and being inclusive are bull shite. He is very antisemitic. The meow blog proves it and has the nerve to defend the hate speech.

The local democrats have anti black and antisemitic members. One yells the n word at the Dem convention and now we have a former county judge wannabe congress member as being supported by anti jewish comments. While she is quick to criticize the President as not speaking out about discrimination. She says nothing about her water boy Kim Jung using racial innuendo to attack another candidate. Why ? She kept quiet about the n word drama in Austin.

Hhhhmm, her real colors surface. Silent about attacks on our prominent Black citizens and prominent Jews and states jailing Mexicans is good for them. Keeps them safe ? Didn't she push the "sanctuary city" policy ? Isn't she the darling of the Mexican government, being praised by them for representing Mexican citizens. And here we thought. she was elected to represent El Paso.

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